The book of solutions with Pierre Niney and Blanche Gardin


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The solution book by Michel Gondry

cinema / comedy

  • national release on September 13, 2023
  • By Michel Gondry
  • With Pierre Niney, Blanche Gardin, Françoise Lebrun…

The Solution Book: An ode to imagination and tenacity

Pierre Niney – that we have seen in the ultra popular television series Lol who laughs comes out, The flame And The torch where it turns out to be hilarious – a, cinematically speaking, a busy agenda at the moment! While he will be showing this year in the new feature film Daaaaaali! of the crazy Quentin Dupieux, we can find him in 2024 in Modi, Johnny Depp’s new movieto recite nobody else but them…

As funny as excellent actor of theater and cinemathe one who joined the Comédie-Française (and who was also its youngest resident) at the age of 21, notably received praise from the public and professionals in the trade for his performance in Jalil Lespert’s film, Yves Saint Laurent, in which he camped the famous couturier ; role which legitimately earned him the award César for best actor in 2015.

In summary, Pierre Niney has become, in less than 15 years, an actor that directors and directors are fighting over both for his talent and his kindness… However, all is not so rosy in his life… The film he is making has its subsidies cut with, as a consequence, the obvious inability to continue turning. “Impossible” not being part of his vocabulary, he decides to leave all the same to finish his project in the green, at his aunt’s! In order to find tips capable of solving his logistical problems, the young man is accompanied in his crazy adventure by Charlotte, camped as for her by Blanche Gardin and thus, the idea of ​​writing The solution book

Rest assured, as you should not believe everything you are told, this artistic “injustice” is none other than the synopsis of the last film in which plays Pierre Niney under the direction of Michel Gondry! A fresh, refreshing and creative comedy where an old van turns into a “trucking” (understand “mounting truck”), where the rain is born from garden hoses and where a small camcorder is enough to immortalize what is most difficult to find to put together a good film: ideas!

© Delphine Goby O’Brien for Le Mensuel / Photo DR / September 2023

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