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Saturday 6 August with the newspaper a collection of critical contributions by the Memorial Italia association. The policy that led to the war in Ukraine

Russia’s war against Ukraine has taken a back seat in newspapers and televisions, after months in which it has been at the center of journalistic attention and public opinion on a daily basis. The second OECD report on the crimes committed by the Moscow army during the war of aggression against Ukraine, released in mid-July, was almost completely ignored, despite reiterating with new testimonies that of three months earlier, documenting the attack on civilians, hospitals and schools, the continuing executions, torture, rape, looting and forced transfers of Ukrainian civilians to Russia or to areas of Ukraine controlled by the Russians. Much more space was given to the photo shoot of the Zelensky spouses which appeared in the magazine «Vogue».

In Italy, there was even greater attention on the account of the links between some political forces and the Moscow embassy in Rome, but with a view to a controversy aimed at the electoral campaign. The weariness of the Russian war in Ukraine, and the tragic repetition of the criminal actions that accompany it, has its own justification, which however, it leaves unresolved questions that the entire international community had posed since the beginning of the February 24 invasion.

Why has Putin’s Russia decided to attack, right now and in its territory as a whole, the neighboring and neighboring country? What is and what have we understood of the Putin regime and its ideology that has been built in this century after a decade of Russia’s transition from communism to a sort of state capitalism with a strong private oligarchy, increasingly authoritarian? How the Russians live this undeclared and cannot even be named war, penalty of years in prison or in prison camps? What support do Russian citizens continue to give to the policy of dictator Vladimir Putin and how they look at the minorities who oppose them and, in a blatant or silent way, try to question the truth of the state that is incessantly propagated, with flattery and threats, by all official media, the only ones existing in a country that seems to have returned, from this point of view, to the dark years of Leonid Brežnev’s time?

Trying to answer these questions, telling about Putin’s Russia before and after the attack on Ukraine is the purpose of the book. Russia. Anatomy of a regime, on newsstands on Saturday 6 August with the Corriere della Sera, edited by Memorial Italia on the ongoing war. How part of the network of International Memorial, the most important Russian NGO dissolved at the end of 2021 by the Supreme Court of Moscow, which made known to the world the reality and the victims of Soviet repression, the history of the Gulag and the crimes of Stalinism, Memorial Italia intends to continue what since 1987, the year of the foundation of Memorial in the USSR, has been the main objective of association of which Andrei Sakharov was president: re-establish the truths of history hidden behind official lies.

The fact that most Russians – out of conviction, interest, indifference, fear – publicly support Putin’s regime cannot make us forget other aspects that in Russia. Anatomy of a regime are analyzed and discussed by Russian, Italian, French experts and scholars: how the growing and continuing flight from Putin’s Russia of hundreds of thousands of citizens, above all young and talented professionals, who no longer believe it is possible to live in an illiberal, obscurantist and authoritarian regime like the one that in the name of Russky Mir (“Russian world”) adopts Patriarch Kirill’s anathemas against homosexuals and emancipated women, symbols of the decadence and depravity of the West.

Getting to know Putin’s Russia is a way to better understand the news that continues to reach us from the theater of war, from the violence and violation of rights that accompany the military operations of the Russian army. But it also means seeing what’s in Russia and Russian society, a reality that often seems indecipherable, generally recounted in its official positions, from which it will never be possible to know, for example, the growing number of violent self-harm by young people who thus hope to escape the call to arms.

Find out the way childhood was militarized and subjected to constant ideological washing, before but even more after the start of the “special military operation”, it is a way not only to understand the authoritarian and totalitarian mechanisms present in the Russian system, but to compare it with the previous Soviet one or with that, more known to us, of fascism Italian, making the reference to fascism that many Russian intellectuals make in trying to define the regime created by Putin in Russia more understandable. Precisely the forms of cultural opposition, of writers and artists, scientists and musicians, testify that, no matter how intimidated and threatened, the legacy of that long and courageous dissent that contributed not a little to undermine the foundations remains alive in Russian society of the Soviet system favoring its collapse between 1989 and 1991.

It is no coincidence that, in the speech that concludes the volume, Aleksandr Cerkasov, one of the animators of the Center for the Defense of Human Rights at Memorial, also forcibly closed in November 2021 by a Moscow court, wished to recall that repression, including torture and political killings, is necessary for war and therefore “the struggle for the freedom of political prisoners, the struggle against torture and political killings in Russia are an integral part of the struggle for peace “. An often forgotten reality when, anxious to solve the energy and gas problems by putting oneself (in) consciously at Putin’s mercy, unfortunately, in Italy more than elsewhere, the crimes that were committed directly or indirectly by the Russian government were unfortunately muted. , which thus definitively eroded any semblance of democracy. An erosion that we have refused to certify for too long.

The book on newsstands

The book is out on Saturday 6 August on newsstands with the Corriere della Sera Russia. Anatomy of a regime, at the price of € 9.90 plus the cost of the newspaper. This is a collection of writings edited by Memorial Italia and created with the coordination of Marcello Flores, who on this page presents its content and purposes. The volume includes contributions that analyze the situation of the Russian Federation, with a great variety of historical references, to provide an accurate picture of the power system set up by Vladimir Putin and the mechanisms that led to the war against Ukraine. The volume collects texts by Alexis Berelowitch, Marco Buttino, Alessandro Catalano, Aleksandr Cerkasov, Giulia De Florio and Inna Karmanova, Elena Dundovich, Marcello Flores, Giovanni Gozzini, Andrea Gullotta, Massimo Maurizio, Marusja Papageno, Niccolò Pianciola, Marco Puleri.

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