The Borderlands movie release date is finally revealed!

Nowadays, the conversion of video games into movies is becoming a very common practice in the entertainment industry. In the same year, the first adaptation of The Last of Us, a video game launched in 2013 by Naughty Dog and Sony, was a huge success. Highly acclaimed by the critics, this fine result will clearly pave the way for other similar projects in the near future.

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Among the next productions of this genre, we find Borderlands, a film that will be inspired by the universe of the video game of the same name. Though little is known about it yet, the release date has been officially unveiled by the production team. We check it out here!

Borderlands will officially release on August 9, 2024.

things are really starting to become clear LimitAmerican science fiction film directed by Eli Roth, In fact, in a recent tweet posted on the game’s account of the same name, the production team officially announced that the film will be releasing 9 August 2024, There is good news for the fans who have been waiting for this information for some time.

However, at the time of this writing, Eli Roth and his team have yet to reveal any other important details about this futuristic project. Apart from the first poster that aired last year, fans are yet to enjoy the first trailer of the film. However, according to some sources, filming would have been completed in about two years.

However, with this new announcement, it’s quite possible that the studio will eventually decide to reveal more details in this direction. Note that delayed releases of films based on video games are quite common. In 2022, unresolvedfilm directed by Ruben Fleischer, It was also delayed several months compared to its initial release date. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen with Borderlands though.

Borderlands: What is the story of the film?

First announced in 2015, the Borderlands film is based on the popular video game of the same name. the plot is basically like this lilith ,Cate Blanchett), a treasure hunter who decides to return to her home planet, pandora, The latter goes there in the hope of finding the missing daughter of Atlas, who, according to legend, will be the key leading to great powers.

Thus, to complete his quest, our hero teams up Roland ,Kevin Hart, little tina ,ariane greenblatt, Craig ,Florian Munteanu, tennis ,jamie lee curtis) And ostentatious ,Jack Black, In this post-apocalyptic universe, the band faces all odds to achieve their goal. Will they be able to complete their quest? See you on August 9, 2024 to find out!


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