the boss of Microsoft confides

  • The leader of Microsoft spoke about the future of artificial intelligence
  • He wants this technology to always remain under the control of humans
  • Above all, he believes that AI is only a tool and that this should not prevent us from thinking for ourselves.

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the technology that is the most talked about in 2023. It unleashes hopes, as much as it worries. While his company has fully embarked on this technological turning point, Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, is nonetheless worried about the social consequences of these innovations. During an interview, he slipped some confidences to our colleagues from CNBC.

The leader believes first of all that, like any technology, AI is capable of the best and the worst, depending on the use made of it. Thus, it should be kept under human control at all times, underlines Brad Smith:

Whether it’s a government, the military, or any other type of organization that is considering using AI to automate, say, critical infrastructure, we need to ensure that humans have control, whether they can slow things down or stop things.

AI shouldn’t make us stop thinking

The CEO also shares a fear that we rely too much on these features and stop thinking. At the risk of becoming stupid? : “It’s a tool that can help people think smarter and faster. The biggest mistake one can make is to imagine that it is a tool that will allow people to stop thinking”.

And Brad Smith cites an example at Microsoft: “The ability to take a Word document and turn it into a PowerPoint slide doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read your PowerPoint slides before presenting them. In fact, you should edit them and make them perfect”.

Finally, remember that the leader of the Redmond firm is not the only boss to have stepped up to denounce the risks of AI. Sam Atman, ChatGPT’s dad, has done the same many times.

Another big name in Tech has distinguished himself in this area: Elon Musk. However, the boss of Tesla seems to hold a double discourse on this subject. Indeed, after having signed a forum asking to take a break in the deployment of these technologies, we learned last April that he was launching a new startup specialized in AI called X.AI to compete against other players in this field. walk.

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