The Boys 3×06, the review of Eroegasm

Surrounded by an enthusiasm and a spasmodic expectation on which Amazon has rightly built an advertising campaign lasting several months, the sixth episode of The Boys 3 has finally landed on Prime Video. We waited for the nightly publication, we were so curious, and now here we are, rearranging our thoughts on what we have seen. Don’t be surprised: Eroegasm (Herogasm, in original language) is one of Garth Ennis ‘most controversial and upsetting stories, and arguably also the most memorable in The Boys’ editorial life.

The TV series had to play with the original concept, as it distanced itself from the comics for a much more realistic approach, but the point is that the episode wasn’t quite what we expected. If you want to know more, you just have to read the review of The Boys 3×06, BUT ATTENTION: there will be different and inevitable SPOILER in the next lines, so the advice we give you is to continue only after having seen the episode. Super warned …

The introduction

The Boys 3, Butcher and Hughie team up with Toy Soldier

The Boys 3, Butcher and Hughie team up with Toy Soldier

We are aware that many will dive completely blindly into this week’s episode, but we are also convinced that Amazon has set up its marketing campaign specifically to get fans of The Boys to learn about this infamous story of sex and violence, not least because with a title like this – Herogasmin fact – how can you resist the temptation of a quick googlata?

So let’s start from the source of inspiration, just to give you a smattering of it in case you are completely fasting: in The Boys comic, every year superheroes from all over the world face a tremendous threat that forces them to join forces. and disappear from the spotlight for a few days. The premise teases annuals crossover of publishing houses like Marvel and DC Comics, also because it is all a farce: in reality, the Super give themselves to crazy joy in the Eroegasm, that is a long and violent orgy without rules or inhibitions.

The Boys TV series has adjusted the shot on the “fantastic” element of the story of Garth Ennis with a more realistic approach, so this Eroegasm had to be reached with a certain degree of gradualness, also because the pace of television broadcasting is completely different. from the editorial one. Also, the script for Season 3 is very different from the comic stories that led to the Heroegasm story arc.

Of all the subplots set up this year, the most important one sees Butcher and Hughie team up with Toy Soldier – a Captain America parody – to defeat Patriot, even going against the will of the other Boys and Starlight. This separated the various characters, who in the first half of the sixth episode are divided into small groups despite having the same objectives.

The Boys 3, Karl Urban has less space than usual this week

The Boys 3, Karl Urban has less space than usual this week

The episode plays on the spectator’s expectations for about thirty minutes, but it doesn’t lengthen the broth and doesn’t drag along for the fun of it; on the contrary, it builds a straightforward and sensible narrative, solving some subplots while better characterizing characters such as Soldatino, in fact, who so far we have known little and which has proved more complicated than expected. Toy soldier is a product of his era: Bill Cosby fan, misogynistic and antiquated, embodies the duplicity of the Super that we met in The Boys, but at the same time has a genuine spark, perhaps because it has not been corrupted by the culture of social networks and visibility at all costs.

The creator of the TV series, Eric Kripke, chose Jensen Ackles to interpret it. And how could she not? The two have worked together for years on one of the longest running shows in television history, Supernatural. There Ackles played one of the two protagonists, Dean Winchester, becoming one of the most loved stars of the small screen thanks to his charisma. In this little reunion – there is also Jim Beaverwho played Bobby Singer in Supernatural and here is the secretary of defense, er, Robert Singer – the versatile Ackles gives his best, even if he struggles to escape the shadow of Dean Winchester that he seems to have in his blood by now.

The Boys 3, there is something of Dean Winchester in Toy Soldier but it will be the burger

The Boys 3, there is something of Dean Winchester in Toy Soldier but it will be the burger

Therefore, Soldatino wants to take revenge on the survivors of Retaliation, the team that years earlier handed him over to the Russians; Butcher and Hughie they want to help him so that, in return, he kills Patriot; Marvin wants to take revenge on Soldatino because he has indirectly massacred his family; Starlight wants to prevent Soldier from killing anyone who comes within range; Patriot wants to kill Little Soldier before he kills him and in the middle there are A-Train and Abyss who want to ruffle the leader of the Seven. Do we forget someone? Oh yes, Frenchie and Kimiko: their subplot is the weakest of all, because it is almost completely disconnected. Maybe we will come back to it later, if it has a more interesting development.

The first half of episode 6, therefore, declines the intentions of the various characters and brings them all together in Vermont, where the TNT Twins live, the last Retaliation – together with Black Noir, which, however, has gone into hiding – which Soldatino wants to get rid of. But there will be a surprise waiting for ours, and that is …

… the Eroegasm!

The Boys 3, Patriot becomes more and more fearsome

The Boys 3, Patriot becomes more and more fearsome

In the television series, theEroegasm it has become an annual party that a Super in turn hosts at home, and this time – for the seventieth anniversary – it’s up to the TNT Twins. Starlight and Marvin then find themselves in the middle of a real orgy, stuff that Eyes Wide Shut shunned their own. The first moments are indeed reminiscent of Stanley Kubrik’s film with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and we must admit that we were expecting something more explicit and obscene, because in reality this TV Eroegasm is much less scandalous than we had imagined it after all. warnings that Amazon has posted on social media in recent days.

This doesn’t mean it’s not dirty. In short, a gigantic extendable penis opens the door, there is again Termite coming out of people’s bodies – in a less violent way, thankfully! – and the usual gag with Abyss that sodomizes the aquatic fauna. Between bodily fluids flying everywhere, erotic toys of all kinds and moans worthy of a pornographic film, the orgy scene is hilarious, even if it distances itself from the visual absurdities of the comic and treads a little too much on the hand. social criticism.

The Boys 3, this is the only image we feel like publishing of the Heroegasm

The Boys 3, this is the only image we feel like publishing of the Heroegasm

The fact, however, is that The Boys 3×06 is not just an orgy, and here we have to take our hats off to the writers, who built the episode, and to Amazon who put together a misleading marketing campaign, concentrating all of them. our expectations on this scene and then overturn them between the first half of the episode, excellent, and the conclusion, even better. The Eroegasm is in fact a small parenthesis that serves to solve some important subplots, especially as regards A-Train and Marvin: Jessie T. Usher and Laz Alonso they give their best in a couple of memorable scenes that dig deep into their characters.

The circumstances of the Heroegasm further undermine the relationship between Hughie and Starlight – Erin Moriarty every episode that passes becomes more charismatic – which however begins to get cloying, but above all they lead to the first, real fight of this season, sober but well choreographed, which sees Soldatino face Patriot in an impressive head-to-head. Anthony Starr and Karl Urban they have a little less space this week. Indeed, there is a scene, indeed too derivative, in which Starr plays a new side of Patriot that could prove to be very interesting in future episodes: we’ll see.

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