The Boys and the Seven play evenly in the violent official season 3 trailer

The new episodes of the superhero series will be streaming on Prime Video from 3 June. Here is the official trailer in Italian of The Boys 3.

“It’s been a quiet year. Patriot is under control. Butcher works for the government, overseen by Hughie of all. But they both can’t wait to turn this peace and quiet into blood and bone.” Hectoliters and hectoliters of blood and mountains of broken bones or, worse still, charred, one would add by observing the Official trailer of the third season of The Boys just released from Prime Videopending the arrival of the new episodes on June 3.

The Boys 3: What awaits us in the new season

“When The Boys learn of a mysterious anti-Super weapon, it makes them hurl them against the Seven, starting a war and chasing the legend of the first Superhero: Toy Soldier,” continues the official plot released by the streaming service. The latter has the face of the veteran’s Supernatural Jensen Ackles, which the clip shows more ruthless than we’ve been shown since the day we were told of his arrival in these episodes. Apparently, Toy Soldier, the first Supers celebrity, is a very powerful weapon, capable of “blowing up Patriot’s brain”, as Maeve reveals at one point. Not only does Maeve have valuable information for Butcher, we see her hand him some vials containing a liquid that will make him a superhero for 24 hours.

Amazon produced 8 episodes for season 3 of The Boys. The first three will be available on June 3, then a new appointment every Friday until July 8.

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