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The most anticipated episode of season 3 of The BoysEroegasmo, based on a fan-favorite comic storyline, set during the 70th edition of an annual superhero orgy.

Variety talked to showrunner Eric Kripke and some of the protagonists of the series, digging into the curiosity and background of the most complex (and scandalous) scenes to be made. We have extrapolated five of these anecdotes.

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How was the love scene between Abyss and the Octopus made?

The sex scene between the Abyss and the Octopus that Annie witnesses has caused numerous headaches on the upper floors of Amazon, despite the great freedom obtained by the producers of the series since the first season, and was born after the showrunner Eric Kripke saw the documentary. My friend at the bottom of the sea. But how was it implemented on a practical level?

Well, an octopus puppet was created (later replaced in computer graphics) with which Chace Crawford (Abyss) simulated a sexual act, as the actor himself explains:

I state this: Kripke explained to me that the science behind the scene would be absurd. Scientifically it is not something that can really happen. There is no orifice! And that puppet was the bulky and annoying thing possible. I didn’t realize how heavy all the equipment was going to be. It was a kind of collar. It was hanging, and they rolled it up but it was so heavy they had to keep pulling the legs off because I wouldn’t be able to last long with a 20-pound thing hanging like that!

The nude scene between Annie and Hughie

In the episode Annie (Erin Moriarty) e Hughie (Jack Quaid) finally confront and confront each other over their relationship, even leading to a physical confrontation. When Hughie teleports both of them out of the Heroegasm house, the two find themselves naked in the middle of nowhere. The two filmed the remote sequences without clothes (albeit with the usual precautions related to the intimacy of each of them), as explained by Quaid:

Thankfully Erin is perfect as a co-worker, and I think this scene is central to our characters’ story arc. We managed to get lost in her emotionality, and we had to overcome the fears related to how many clothes we were wearing. Luckily we had already shot a good part of the episode on Eroegasm by then, so we were quite used to seeing naked bodies around us as soon as it was called “action”. You get used to it a bit, also because ok, in large scenes we had to be naked, but in close shots the camera was closer so we could wear whatever we wanted under the frame. As strange as this scene would have been to shoot with anyone else, with Erin it was super easy.

There were a large number of intimacy coordinators on set

We recently told you who the on-set intimacy coordinators are and what their role is in the making of sex scenes in movies and on TV. Kripke said that given Eroegasmo’s particularly explicit nature, a number of intimacy coordinators who were present on set during filming were involved in the sequence. The goal was to make everyone feel comfortable and protected:

Honestly, I was really terrified of shooting this scene because we had a lot of naked actors simulating sexual acts. The chances of something going terribly wrong were so frightening that from all levels of production they told me, “We have to be really fair, professional, like real cops in every aspect of the scene, to make sure that a safe environment is created for everyone. ” And so we did.

It’s all thanks to the intimacy coordinators and my assistant director, who handled everything.

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A lot of gags were cut due to the budget

However many explicit gags during the superhero orgy there are, in the foreground and in the background, just as many have been cut to keep the budget under control. Kripke goes into detail on one scene in particular:

We weren’t able to do all the gags we wanted. I remember at one point we talked about some kind of aquatic superhero, similar to the Black Lagoon Monster, having sex underwater. We discussed it at some point, and I think it wasn’t possible to make it happen. We kept joking about these jets of fluid being sprayed here and there. At one point we predicted that Hughie would be hit by a jet of feminine fluid, we kept joking about this thing. But then time started running out, and we combined all of these scenes into the sequence of poor Mother’s Milk being… sprinkled.

The Imagine video is inspired by that of Gal Gadot

At the beginning of the episode, Abyss makes a music video in which she sings Imagine together with a series of celebrities and superheroes contacted in video call: we talk about Patton Oswalt, A-Train (Jessie T. Usher), Josh Gad, Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher, Elizabeth Banks, Kumail Nanjiani, Aisha Tyler, Rose Byrne and Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell).

The writers were inspired by the Imagine video released by Gal Gadot at the beginning of the pandemic, which came out just as the episode was being written. Kripke explains:

The video came out while the writers were writing the episode, and everyone was talking about it. It was too juicy not to dive into it: she was a superhero who put online a video that was definitely out of place compared to the suffering that everyone was going through. The very concept of “I will help people with the power of my celebrity!” I’m sure she did it with the best of intentions, God forbid. But she made us laugh and we said to ourselves: this is something that Abyss would do. We got the rights to the song and started calling our friends, and they all agreed to make videos of them singing a few passages of the song.

[…] Jessica Chou, who wrote the script, noted on the script: “Here are all the people we would like to involve,” she listed all the names “culminating in President Obama!” But of course we would never have called Obama. I think we would, we would definitely call it, but not to sing this song.

The first six episodes of the third season of The Boys are available on Prime Video.

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