The Brad Pitt joke that infuriated George Clooney

IThey have shot several films together and get along like thieves at a fair… Even if it means competing to find out who will win the prize for the best joke. This was particularly the case on the set of Ocean’s Twelve, as their pal Matt Damon recently reported on CNN. The whole gang got together for a while near Lake Como, Italy, when Brad Pitt had the idea of ​​writing a letter to the technicians on set to make George Clooney look like a smug and full of himself guy – he who is known precisely for his empathy and his simplicity.

The Italian-language letter, signed Clooney, asked team members to avoid saying his first name and looking him in the eye at all costs, while calling him only “Mr. Clooney or Mr. Ocean.” explained Matt Damon. Measures immediately respected, which quickly disturbed Clooney, who did not understand why everyone was suddenly cold and distant with him. “He was well aware that there was something really weird that he didn’t understand,” Matt Damon recalled in the CNN podcast Who’s talking about Chris Wallace?.

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“Small penis on board”

And when he finally discovered the pot of roses, the actor went into a black rage. “I’ve never seen him so mad with anger,” said Damon, who was staying at his home at the time, in his villa on Lake Como. Faced with the storm, Brad Pitt would then have denounced himself by asking him to “leave all the others out of all this”. The reprisals were not long in coming… In revenge, Clooney would then have stuck a sticker on his boyfriend’s car which read “Small penis on board”. Honked by motorists, Brad Pitt greeted them in return…

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If Clooney was this time trapped, he is not the last to make jokes on the set. Matt Damon once told how his boyfriend asked the costume designers to Men Monuments to shorten his partner’s suits every week, so that he would go crazy imagining that he had gained weight, despite his efforts to maintain his figure. “I was doing sports and my pants were getting tighter and tighter, it was just impossible…”

“George can’t help but play pranks,” actor Bernie Mac, also starring in the Ocean’s saga, once said. You really have to keep an eye on him. You open a door, a bucket of water falls on your head. It can put bedbugs on your chair. If he finds a rabbit in a cage, he releases it in your room. Always keep an eye on him… ” A schoolboy spirit that Clooney has sworn to instill in his twins, Alexander and Ella, six years old. “I love teaching my children to do things that shock their mothers,” he confided two years ago in The Today Show. All my work is really about teaching them terrible things…”

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