The brake was always ‘broken’… From Suleiman Soylu to the police deputy chief’s ‘last minute’ fine

The tension between former Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and Deputy Chief of Police Mustafa Çalışkan had been there for several years.

In October 2017, the car containing Suleyman Soylu’s son was stopped and searched by Dolphin teams in Istanbul. Reportedly, Çalışkan, who was called by Soylu, did not answer the phone.

divided the whole team

In addition, Süleyman Soylu’s name was mentioned in the investigation conducted in connection with the death of Silivri police chief Hakan Kaliskan, who committed suicide in Istanbul. For these reasons, Soylu wanted to dismiss Calican in the past, and after much ‘work’ he succeeded in doing so.

After Çalışkan’s dismissal from the Istanbul Police Department, Çalışkan’s entire staff was deported throughout the country, although there was no term of appointment.

protection voltage increased to peak

However, in May 2021 the tension between the two came to the fore most clearly. Soylu, who took part in a television channel’s live broadcast during a period when the allegations against crime organization leader Sedat Pekar were top of the agenda, accused Kaliskan of giving special police protection to Sedat Pekar.

He said “I’m going to God”

Speaking to at the time after former minister Soylu accused Çalışkan, Mustafa Çalışkan said about his allegations against Soylu: “I seek refuge in Allah” He said.

“Do you expect to be suspended by Soylu?” As far as the question is concerned, Çalışkan, “I wonder why they would suspend Turkey’s most honest man. Let’s go outside and see. There are people in Türkiye. He is an honest politician. First and foremost is the President. Let’s see who and how will remove a person like Mustafa Çalışkan. I’m really curious” He had answered.

“Does Soylu’s statements not bother you?” Çalışkan answered the question. “I think society is uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter that I’m uncomfortable words were used.

Çalışkan filed a lawsuit

At the end According to the news of Ceyhan Avsar from Hawk TV It turned out that he had started an investigation against Caliscan. Caliskan was reprimanded on 2 June.

Soylu was elected as a deputy on 2 June. However, he had not yet taken the oath in Parliament. Ali Yerlikaya, who became the governor of Istanbul the day after the sentence handed down to Kılıçan, was appointed as the interior minister, while Soylu’s move into the bureaucracy took place. “The Final Blow to Calican” was evaluated.

It turned out that Çalışkan filed a lawsuit in the Administrative Court to cancel this sentence.

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