The break between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde generates memes: here are the most beautiful

After two years of love and passion, Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles they said goodbye. As he specified People, the decision was taken by mutual agreement and without tragedies to ruin the relationship between the two who were now part of each other’s lives in all respects. Jailbird was among them Don’t Worry Darling, a film directed by Wilde in which both took part which created a lot of scandal for the alleged rivalries between the stars present in the film. The news of their breakup came suddenly shocking the fans and sparking an avalanche of memes on social media.

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Harry Styles Olivia Wilde breakup meme: “A friendly decision”

“Was a very amicable decision, without discussions. He still is in tour and now he goes abroad. She’s focusing on her kids and her job in Los Angeles. Their lives are far apart now. They have different priorities which keep them apart. Between commitments and differences moving forward was too complicated“, these were the words of the insider of People which revealed the background of their separation. And he added: “They were good together, but there were no difficult moments. Also because of the media pressure that has always accompanied their relationship”.

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The relationship between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles was definitely divisive for fans, many of them have, in fact, often criticized the couple. Some have even defined their own fictitious relationship and studied at the table to promote the film. Others, on the other hand, found the presence of suspicious Kendall Jenner, the pop star’s ex, at her concert just after the breakup. Suspicion thickens now that the end of the relationship between the top model and the basketball player has also been announced Devin Booker. So many are now wondering if it’s just a coincidence or something more.

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Harry Styles Twitter: memes about the end of the love story with Olivia Wilde are all the rage

Congratulations on your breakup“. This is just one of countless memes that have been taking over the internet since Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles announced their separation. social users they jumped at every opportunity for memorize on any event that upsets the daily life of the web. And what better event than the split between the super desired Harry Styles in promotion for the new album on tour and the most talked about director of the moment. Some even went so far as to liken the post-breakup world to a technological utopia!

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