The Britney Spears case. James Spears wanted to “trade” his probation decision

Britney Spears’ attorney has filed an additional motion with a Los Angeles court to immediately remove her client’s father James Spears from her probation officer role. The lawyer explains in a 12-page application that Spears is demanding about two million dollars before resigning.

Britney Spears, often referred to as “the princess of pop”, has been incapacitated since January 2008. Since then, her father, James, has been her curator. When Mathew Rosengart – a well-known Hollywood lawyer, former attorney general – became her lawyer in mid-July, her case for the lifting of guardianship gained momentum.

It is worth recalling that in August, the singer’s father presented the court with a document in which he expressed his intention to prepare for the orderly transfer of custody of his daughter to a new probation officer. He emphasized that in this way he wanted to step down from the role he had performed for the last 13 years.


Singer’s attorney: blackmailing Britney Spears ends

On Tuesday, Rosengart filed another motion in a Los Angeles court demanding the immediate removal of James Spears from his daughter’s affairs. In the application – according to the portal Deadline – the lawyer accuses Spears of demanding about two million dollars before resigning from the role of probation officer.

“Regardless of the past, Mr. Spears and those around him must now acknowledge: the current state of affairs will no longer be tolerated and the blackmailing of Britney Spears is ending,” Rosengart wrote in a 12-page paper published by Deadline. “There is no chance of success in a brazen attempt to trade probation for two million dollars, apart from the millions already taken from Mrs. Spears’ property by Mr. Spears and his associates,” the attorney noted.

And then we read: “The only honorable, decent and human way out of the situation for Mr. Spears is his immediate resignation, providing all the necessary information to settle his expenses.”

The next hearing is scheduled for September 29. Even if the court agrees to Rosengart’s request, the BBC points out that it may take several months to hand over full power over Spears’ property to a new probation officer.

Britney SpearsJim Ruymen / UPI Photo via Newscom

Britney Spears – 13 years of guardianship

In 2008, Spears’ father and his attorney at the time, Andrew Wallet, gained control of all aspects of Britney’s life, including an estimated $ 60 million fortune. The artist was then struggling with mental illness and addictions. For many months, he has been trying to free her from her tutelage.

Celebrity fans question the ethics and legality of the incapacitating care imposed on her and partially on her. They initiated a campaign under the slogan #FreeBritney. The singer has not been able to enjoy full freedom for 13 years. At that time, she released platinum albums, performed, among others on TV and in Las Vegas, but she had no financial control over any of these projects.

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