the brocade evening dress looks like something out of a work of art

Lily Collins attended a gala event organized by Cartier in Madrid and took the opportunity to reveal her new style. No minidresses or mannish suits, she transformed into a princess with a brocade dress. Doesn’t she look like she came out of a work of art?

Lily Collins she became famous thanks to the Netflix series Emily in Paris and since then it hasn’t stopped being on the crest of the wave. We have always been used to seeing her glamorous and designer in the two different seasons and, although in “real” life she does not give up the latest fashion clothes as she demonstrates daily on social networks, she has recently turned her style upside down. The actress transformed into a real princess on the occasion of a gala evening organized by Cartier. No miniskirts, mannish suits or midi skirts with a bon-ton soul, to adapt to the theme of the evening she showed off a wonderful and sophisticated evening dress that seems to have come out of a work of art.

Who signed the Lily Collins dress

Although Lily Collins is rumored to be filming the third season of Emily in Paris, she hasn’t given up on a gala evening organized by Cartier in Madrid. She took part in the company of her new husband Charlie McDowell, looking very elegant in a maxi evening dress. The actress entrusted the stylist Ronald van der Kemp, who customized a piece from the Couture collection for Spring/Summer 2022 for her. It is a princely dress with a full and pompous skirt and a strapless bustier gathered on the décolleté, all decorated with a brocade print in shades of burgundy and metallic gold.

Lily Collins in Ronald van der Kemp

Lily Collins in Ronald van der Kemp

Lily Collins is bon-ton with a chignon and a diamond necklace

To complete the princely look, Lily Collins focused on the sparkling jewels of Cartier, first of all the diamond and emerald necklace that she wore around her neck. She then opted for a bon-ton updo, a very tight chignon worn low and with a curtain fringe carried “free” on the forehead. Her husband Charlie was no less in terms of style: at the event he appeared very elegant in a total black tuxedo by Ralph Lauren, he combined it with a classic white shirt and a black bow tie. In short, Collins manages to be glamorous even at gala events: with her brocade dress, doesn’t she seem to have come out of an impressionist painting?

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