“The bullet went through my body!”

In a scene that will soon air on Terra e Paixão, Elio (Rafa Vitti) is shot dead by Petra (Deborah Ozoglio) when the agronomist goes insane. I am reminded that the boy will be able to escape this episode alive.

“Fortunately (the doctor saw Antonio), the bullet did not cause any major damage to the boy’s leg. He will have to use crutches for a while and undergo physical therapy… but then… , he can walk normally again.” The doctor says this, leaving Soy King surprised.

Route change

Elio’s love for Petra forces him to hide from Marino (Leandro Lima) what really happened during the Macabre dinner at the La Selva farm. “(Mind) checked, yes… Dr. Antonio had several weapons on the table in his office… I picked one of them up, not knowing it was loaded. I was pretending to shoot… and I accidentally hit myself in the leg… Officer, to tell you the truth, this was all an accident. I was the one who made the mistake of touching the gun and shooting myself in the leg. is” It ends with The Outsider being watched by Antonio (Tony Ramos).

Elio (Rafa Vitti) and Petra (Deborah Ozoglio) in Terra e Paixão
Elio (Rafa Vitti) and Petra (Deborah Ozoglio) in Terra e Paixão

Terra e Paixão is a melodrama created and written by Walcyr Carrasco. This work is co-authored by Marcio Hajduk, Vinicius Viana, Nelson Nadotti, and Claissa Regina. The artistic director is Luis Enrique Ríos, the general director is João Paulo Jable, and the directors are Tunde Bresan, Jefferson De, Joana Clark, Felipe Herzog, and Juliana Vicente. The genre director is José Luis Villamarim, and the production is by Rafael Cavaco and Mauricio Quaresma.

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