the businesswoman is disappointed with Cristiano Ronaldo and resigns herself to her decision

Real Madrid’s Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti has ruled that the kiss imposed by the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, on player Jenni Hermoso after the World Cup final, is not “worthy of a president of a federation”.

“It is a very delicate subject. But like the majority of people, it’s a behavior that I obviously didn’t like.” said the Real coach at a press conference about this controversial kiss. “It was not behavior worthy of a president of a federation.

Asked about a possible resignation of the president of the Spanish federation, Carlo Ancelotti did not wish to comment. “I do not enter this debate. I believe that there are authorities which will decide on this”, replied the Italian technician. “I don’t know if he will resign or not, but I believe that the authorities will take the most appropriate decision.”

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) called an emergency meeting on Friday and opened an investigation into the incident. Midfielder Jenni Hermoso released a joint statement on Wednesday with her players’ union, Futpro, calling for action against the president.

‘Not enough’ excuses

Luis Rubiales first attacked his detractors when the controversy erupted on social media on Sunday, before finally apologizing in a video.

Excuses “not enough” according to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, nor for Liga F, the Spanish women’s football league, which demanded Rubiales’ dismissal.

The coach of Celta Vigo, next opponent of Real Madrid on Friday, Rafael Benitez, also expressed himself in the same direction on the case. “We all agree that we saw behavior that was not correct”assured the former Liverpool coach.

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