The car accessory you will never be able to do without | It turns your life around and only costs 50 cents

They also call them Life Hacks on YouTube, they are small tricks that can improve daily life with little money and effort. This one, found on Instagram by our editorial team, is the top by car.

Today’s cars have a number of options to rival a Swiss Army knife but often, the cost of these amenities on the list is really high, just think to the head restraints on the rear seats for instance. This small accessory instead you can find it in any store – at least for the moment – and you will end up paying for it less than a bag of chips at the supermarket.

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How to make traveling comfortable (Canva)

How many are there?

If we wanted to try to list all the accessories of all kinds existing for cars we would never end up. So many comforts of various kinds can be mounted on a modern car, burglar alarms, screens, monitors and so on to make your four-wheeler a mobile home! Many accessories have a high cost, however, especially if we talk about the hi-tech ones.

For example, there are cars that mount rear screens on which passengers they can see movies or other media to not get bored during a long trip but you know what? Often the cars that mount these devices they are very expensive already of them. Hardly a Fiat Marea would have a portable television as an option! Of course, unless …

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There are many of all kinds (FDF Padova)

Everything starts with her

What would you think if we told you that to build something very similar at low cost you just need one itembecome – unfortunately – very common in the last two years? Since the Covid pandemic broke out a few years ago, we have all worn this annoying protective device at least once to avoid contagion.

Here is the classic FP1 mask back to being a useful tool indoors – in this case by car – but for a very different reason. Using it for a purpose for which it was not born will perhaps allow us to recycle all the still new masks we have at home and which are no longer required of us even in public places. And if you don’t have one, it’s also at 50 Cent.

Who is watching the movie with me?

A video that has been circulating on Instagram for some time shows a really clever creation: by positioning a FP1 mask in the way indicated in the video that you can of course find below so as to allow you to create something like this in your car, you can get a phone holder. And on the mobile, by now, you can download a platform for films like Netflix or Prime or activate a satellite navigator or simply surf on any social network!

Freepik Mask 03_10_2022 Quattromania
All for the price of a drink (Freepik)

Ultimately, this little Life Hack as they call them online it will cost you less than one Euro. At most five if you also lack the cover for the Smartphone, however, an infinitely lower price to pay than the many accessories that the car manufacturers offer you to install in the car. If you try it, tell us how you found it!

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