The car, like the smartphone, knows more about you than your wife

It is not only smartphones that put your data at risk but also cars: from great technologies, serious risks arise and here are the worst that can affect your personal information.

We live in an age where privacy seems to be just a distant memory. But at least inside the cockpit of your new car you are safe, right?

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A serious problem

No, the cars I’m no longer a safe place, at least not for your data. According to an investigation by the FIA, an international agency that takes care of the safety of motorists, car manufacturers must absolutely intervene to prevent the data of customers who connect their devices to their cars from being illegally sold or acquired by third parties.

Some time ago we talked about the absurd conspiracy theory regarding gas stations: as usual, those who believe in conspiracies look at their finger without seeing the moon. The real problem are the cars now increasingly connected to our smartphones which are a real mine of personal data. We need a law as soon as possible and it is not only the FIA ​​that is clamoring for it.

According to the European Association of Builders, the risks to privacy they are concrete: “Although the data collected by the cars is mostly related to the condition of the vehicle itself, there is a real market for sensitive data: the driver’s name, his location, his marketing preferences”, is the complaint of the organization. How can we protect ourselves then?

Will the law really come?

Obviously, to protect the citizen from a possible data leak it must be his government, it certainly cannot be expected that millions of people who maybe work with the car disconnect their smartphones every time they are in the cockpit of their own brand new Tesla, right?

For their part, the car manufacturers they defend themselves stating that cars only collect useful data to report any breakdowns and to facilitate repairs. But FIA President Laurianne Krid disagrees at all and launches a very severe ultimatum: “Connected homes have illegitimate market advantages. By 2024 we need a common law “he said.

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“No, wait! That’s not the solution! ” (Inside EVs)

Put simply, for the moment, cars they are not stealing your private data as some online hackers can do but some houses – according to the FIA ​​- are still exploiting cars to “get to know you better” and offer you ad personam services, obtaining an unfair economic advantage on the market. Maybe it’s not a serious problem that affects you directly but without a law to protect driver data, how long do you think it would take less scrupulous houses to move to the next level?

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