The cat Lily who has been missing for a week returns home and rings the bell to be opened

Lily had been missing for nearly a week. Cat owners know they can go on outdoor adventures, but when they don’t show up for a couple of days, worry rises. But this beautiful crawler not only amazed everyone by returning to her house, but she was able to ring the bell to get the door open.

The facts date back to August, but only in these days has the story bounced around in various US media because Stefanie Whitley and Efrain Leandry posted on the security camera images of their doorbell in their Long Island home in New York.

The cat who has been missing for a week returns home and rings the bell

In the footage, Lilly is seen reaching for the camera, ringing the bell and meowing a few times, trying to warn her owners that she would like to enter the house.

Whitley says her cat is familiar with how their doorbell system works and that every time it rings, it looks at the door curious to know who is at the door.

Lily’s return home brought a mix of emotions to her owners: “Our family was ecstatic, emotional and hysterical when they saw her coming home,” Whitley said.

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