The Cat Person film will be presented at the Sundance Film Festival

It seems absurd, but it’s already been 5 years since Kristen Roopenian’s story published by New Yorker, it went viral. Thanks to “Cat Person“, the 36-year-old (today 41) American writer, hitherto unknown, had signed a million-dollar contract to publish a collection of short stories, You know you want thisreleased in Italy with the same title as the story, Cat Person, for Einaudi Free Style. In the meantime, a few things happened: we got to talk to Kristen Roopenian about her life after “Cat Person” (here), but also to read the testimony of the woman who discovered she was the person on whom the story that is told (here). Now, five years later, another chapter is being added to the story of this viral tale of a night of sex gone wrong: as reported Vulturesindeed, the film adaptation directed by Susanna Fogel, co-screenwriter of booksmart, the directorial debut of Olivia Wilde (in Italy terribly translated into The revenge of the losers) and director of The Spy Who Dumped Me (here it went better: The spy who left me2018).

According to the first information on the film, Fogel would have managed to transform the short story of a date to forget into a gripping psychological thriller. But the most curious detail certainly has to do with the role of the male protagonist, already announced in 2021: to play Robert, the very unpleasant 34-year-old man with whom the protagonist finds herself having sex even if she no longer feels like it, will be Nicholas Braun, better known as the endearing cousin Greg of Succession. In the role of twenty-year-old Margot, however, there will be the very young Emilia Jones (already seen in Tail). The film will be presented on January 21: we look forward to the first reviews.

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