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from Maurizio Giannattasio

Today the first of 11 meetings. Architectural societies: modifiable ideas. Populous’s project remains a favorite. But the costs have already risen by € 200 million. And the Sesto hypothesis remains alive

It starts today and ends on November 18th with the final report by the coordinator Andrea Pillon. Then two months for the Municipality and the teams to decide whether to go ahead, change or stop. The public debate on the new Milan and Inter stadium is underway, eleven appointments open to the public and two inspections to understand what will happen to the new facility and the megaproject that on paper should revolutionize San Siro. Today, at 5 pm, the first appointment at Palazzo Marino with the presentation of the teams’ dossier. There was no lack of protests from councilors and committees about the limited time available to inform citizens. It would have been useful to know first for the councilors, but above all for the citizens said the president of the city council, Elena Buscemi. For those who want to get information, the site of the public debate dpstadiomilano.it.

Meanwhile the two clubs illustrated the changes to the initial project as requested by the municipality. Changes that could also affect what we have known as the Cathedral with its spiers, the Populous project that Milan and Inter have preferred to the Two Rings of Manica Sportium. Do not assume that there will be the Cathedral – said the president of Milan, Paolo Scaroni – If we had to decide tomorrow morning at 7 there would be the Cathedral but we will not decide tomorrow. So we feel free. In 3-4 years – he continues, not without a polemic vein – many things happen. If in our country it takes 10 years to make decisions, everything changes. Translated: the Cathedral continues to be the choice of clubs, but how it will embody in the final and executive project, if to lose the spiers, too early to tell. Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello specifies: Now we are in the feasibility study phase. What will happen in the executive phase will start from the constraints we have today based on the feasibility plan. From there we will develop the architectural ideas. Too early to tell even why the costs of the Cathedral have already gone from 600 to 800 million and before issuing a mandate for the executive design which costs 50 million, the teams want to be sure they can get through the Tar ax unscathed. Although – continues Scaroni – I believe that the public debate will weaken appeals to the TAR.

If the judgment is negative, other paths are always open. We don’t have plans B but only plans A and more than one, said the Rossoneri president. Finally, the question of the variant raised by the committees opposed to the demolition of the Meazza: Compared to the first proposal there is a reduction in the built area of ​​about 50 thousand square meters – said Beppe Bonomi, the top manager consultant of AC Milan -. We strictly adhere to the interpretation of the municipal offices. If they felt that this was not a variant, great. If, on the other hand, it were the opposite, I remember that the Stadi law itself and the law we have recourse to, constitutes a variant in itself. Therefore, an autonomous procedure would not be necessary to arrive at the variant.

In the new project the Meazza disappears definitively, but yesterday the Democratic Party, with the group leader Filippo Barberis asked to keep some elements and Antonello, while reiterating that the disappearance is the result of respect for the reduction of volumes, he says he is open to ideas that can represent the memory of the Meazza. Being at San Siro reflects the memory of the clubs. There is still the first element that acts as a trait d’union. Then on memory we can indulge ourselves with many ideas.

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