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A heart attack causes the heart muscle to die when part of the heart suddenly freezes, and according to a recent study, the condition could be caused by pollution.

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L’pollution atmospheric can be the cause of many problems that have to do with the environment but also with human health.

In the first case, pollution is causing atmospheric phenomena such as hail, tornadoes and heat peaks that have never been recorded year after year.

In the second case, however, in addition to being a determining variable for the risk of cancer, according to a recent study, pollution could also be the it causes ofheart attack. Let’s see together why such a relationship could exist.

Pollution can cause heart attack, this study states

heart attack
Heart attack (Pixabay)

Also called “myocardial infarction” according to a medical term, heart attack is caused by the obstruction of one or more coronary arteries (because they surround the heart like a crown) that carry oxygen-filled blood to the heart. Over time, one of these coronary arteries can shrink due to a buildup of cholesterol, which is called plaque.

The cause of a heart attack is usually caused by the rupture of one of these plaques, which rupturing leads to a blood clot right where the rupture occurred. The larger the clot, the more there is the risk that it can block the blood passing through the artery. But this is not the only cause, because there is another that instead of being physical is environmental, since it is determined precisely by pollution.

One proved it study that but related nitric oxide and certain weather conditions to the incidence of heart attack in the Berlin area. During the period under review, it was found that this condition was greater in the subjects analyzed during the days with a higher rate of environmental pollution, with high concentrations of nitric oxide and a high average concentration of PM10 in the previous three days. Insa de Buhr-Stockburger, author of the study, therefore concluded that “polluted air is a factor of risk for acute myocardial infarction and that greater efforts are needed to reduce traffic and combustion pollution ”.

A risk that, apparently, is more present in non-smokers, given that in smokers this incidence was not due to the concentration of chemical substances in the air, but to their dependence; already harmful in itself. This, according to the scholar, “could indicate that bad air can actually cause heart attacks since smokers, who continuously self-intoxicate, seem less affected by additional external pollutants”.

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