The center-right presents the plan to govern: Program for Italy –

from Paola Di Caro

The Program for Italy of Meloni, Salvini, Berlusconi: the document in 15 points, but each party will then present its own specific program

Fifteen titles for a legislature program, and even more. It is the common document of the center-right, signed by the leaders of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia MeloniLeague Matteo Salvini and Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconiwith which the coalition will join the vote of 25 September. A long and detailed program in the titles but only in part on the individual measures to be implemented, given that each party will present its own specific program with the strong and identifying themes that characterize it, on which the internal challenge for primacy and for the burdens of the next, probable government will be played.

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There are the key points that Giorgia Meloni had claimed, already in the first point that a reassuring message to the world, to the top of Europe, to the markets: Italy, fully part of Europe, of the Atlantic Alliance and of the West. More Italy in Europe, more Europe in the world, and also committed to respecting the commitments undertaken in the Atlantic Alliance specifically in support of Ukraine. As there is the adhesion to the European commitments but also the request for a more political union and with the revision of the Stability Pact.

Guarantees also on Pnrr: the requested reforms will be completed, but a revision of the same Plan will be carried out according to the changed conditions, needs and priorities. Again at the push of FdI, the center-right is committed to one constitutional reform which provides for the direct election of the President of the Republic, which is combined with the path to be completed on the Autonomies (essential for the League) as well as the completion of the justice reforma point claimed by Forza Italia.

The chapter of taxmanwhich is so much discussed, focuses everything on reduction of the tax burdenputting together both the FdI proposal inspired by the principle of who more hires, less pays, and those dear to Lega and FI of the flat tax: we will start with an extension for VAT numbers of up to 100,000 euros in turnover (point branded Lega , which extends the rate by 15% but not beyond a defined amount), both the modulation preferred by FdI – flat tax on income increase compared to previous years – and the general principle advocated by Berlusconi: the prospect of further expansion for families and businesses.

On work, we insist on cutting the tax wedge, on the tax exemption for new hires and on the lowering of VAT for basic necessities. We want to incentivize vouchers and raise limits on the use of cash. The replacement of the current citizenship income with more effective measures of social inclusion and active policies for training and integration into the world of work has been confirmed. In short, the support for those unable to work or in particular a state of need, but the current mechanism will be entirely replaced, even if not yet specified in what form.

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Much of the program dedicated to the themes of support for birthof the family, of young couples, as to the theme of safety. On this point, the League’s proposal to return to the application of the security decrees passed by Conte 1 with Salvini as Minister of the Interior passes, both the one on which Meloni has long been fighting for border control and blocking of landings to stop, in agreement with the authorities of North Africa, human trafficking. In short a mediation between different positions which will then have to be translated into calculations in terms of sustainability of the individual proposals. There are 40 days to discuss it and, it is expected, to clash with opponents.

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