The Chanel perfume exhibition in Paris

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Chanel celebrates its perfumes in an olfactory and festive vortex. The immersive journey into its iconic fragrances, in the spaces of Le Grand Palais Éphémère, in Paris, has already begun and will end on January 9, 2023. The curtain on the Le Grand Numero de Chanel exhibition opened yesterday, with the participation of iconic Muses of the Maison such as Marion Cotillard and Keira Knightley. Discovering Chanel fragrances is a journey that invites you to discover your lucky star. Studded with experiences that touch classic and iconic worlds, from the most extreme refinement to minimalism, from everyday objects to works of art. Discoveries and emotions that accompany the rich olfactory odyssey created over the years by the Rue Cambon fashion house.

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The stages of the emotional journey, Chanel N°5

The Le Grand Numero de Chanel exhibition is the revelation and experimentation of unexpected adventures. “Chanel perfumery has an existential purpose”, says Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, Head of Global Creative Resources Fragrances & Beauty, Fine Jewelry & Watches Chanel, “the exhibition is an emotional journey. An opportunity to discover all the facets of a fragrance and its function”.

The first stop on the route is a square. The walls that surround it tell of emblematic bottles and show their huge shapes. Each shape/bottle is a portal that leads to another dimension. Each fragrance of the Maison is proposed as a flow of thoughts, an olfactory kaleidoscope, a concentrate of energy. The journey has multiple destinations. Fragrance N°5 puts you in the shoes of Ernest Beaux, talented perfumer and creator of Chanel’s most iconic perfume, and leads to a pleasant and surprising encounter with Gabrielle Chanel, herself. The origins of the name, its magic formula and the essential and squared bottle, devoid of any decoration, are told about the N°5. A masterpiece of design, it has earned a place at the MoMA. The virtual walk proceeds among the personalities who have reinterpreted the fragrance – Marilyn Monroe, Salvador Dalì, Carole Bouquet etc – and among the thirty works of art inspired by her.

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From Chance a Bleu to Les Exclusifs

Take your chance, is the invitation expressed by the Chance fragrance by Chanel. The new stage of Le Grand Numero makes the scenes of a cabaret tread and the wheel of fortune spin. For Coco, seizing opportunities was a way of being happy, of giving herself the freedom to go her own way. To try to get more out of life. The universe of Bleu shows new sensory universes, from the city to the ocean: colorful moments of blue shades. With jazz and blues sounds and speakeasy atmospheres.

To conclude the itinerary, there is a private visit. The discovery of a collection of eighteen moving works of art with a strong personality. These are the eighteen Les Exclusifs de Chanel fragrances: olfactory surprises that excite. It’s up to everyone to choose which emotion to experience in the moment.

The exhibition, with free admission, can be booked here.

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