The chart is under consolidation. Friday session can give you an approach

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PSV strategy: DAX is close to the final goal.  The market is looking for an entrance againPSV strategy – is a daily cycle of analyzes and plays based on three main elements: pivot, sequence and volume, and two elements supporting the decision-making process. This cycle not only approximates the use of the method but also estimates the successive steps of the DAX index. A series of analyzes created under the patronage of Interactive Brokers. The analyzes are focused on the German DAX index.

  • Thursday’s session was unable to break the CP range
  • Breaking R1, on the other hand, was not very spectacular
  • Hence, a long signal with a target of 15,515 points is built
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Friday session on the index

Today briefly and to the point: yesterday’s maintenance of the PK showed that the market is not willing to pull back further – at least for the next session. The market has generally done nothing special, but stabilization above CP gives a long signal with a target of 15,515 points, which is slightly above the R2 range.

The vicinity of the PK is a good place to look for entry to this approach. Only from around the abovementioned level it will be possible to look for downward patterns again. Currently, however, the market may and even be good – if it came up a bit, showing how much this strength of demand in yesterday’s zone was collected.

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The jump over R2 will not negate the declines from the intraday approach, i.e. a slightly narrower view of the market. There will be a return above 15,720 points, which is not likely to happen at the moment. On Monday we will see what’s next, whether we come back with the possibility of a further descent, or whether we are drifting around 15.025 – 15.520.

DAX H1 chart 03.12.2021
DAX H1 03/12/2021

Summary for the session

Chance of main traffic until noon: Growth approach.
Purpose for the session: 15,480 – 15,515 points
The affirmation behind the thesis: Choosing the CP range, no further downward pressure.
Today’s PK * levels: 03.12
R3 = 15,580
R2 = 15,440
R1 = 15,300
PK = 15,160
S1 = 15.025
S2 = 14,895
S3 = 14,765

* Directional point – a subjectively determined critical level for the index. Although the structure may resemble pivots, in practice it is nothing more than hand-marked intraday trading zones. You can learn more about the direction points from the regular webinar meeting – “Determining direction points in practice“.

You can follow all cycle analyzes under tagged PSV. Also learn about the PSV methodology – described here.

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