The child got PLN 1 for sweets. How much does a 1991 coin cost online?

The child of the journalist Fakt asked his parents for a zloty for sweets in a local shop. He got a coin, but it was Sunday, November 21 and the shop was now closed. Then the older brother took over the coin the sister had received for a while. It interested him that money is already 30 years old. He checked the coin’s price on the web

A few days ago, our editorial colleague gave a child PLN 1 for sweets. It was a 1991 zloty. Since the daughter could not spend it right away, she wanted to hide the coin, but before she did, the older brother took it over to have a look at it? The boy immediately noticed that money was very old. He checked how much a coin is worth on the Internet and everyone was surprised then! It turned out that such a zloty can cost even several hundred zlotys! What conditions must it meet to actually get so much for it?

Nobody expected a coin to be worth much more than its face value after 30 years.

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