The Choice – The Choice as it ends: plot, cast and ending explained

How does The Choice end – The Choice? Here is the plot and cast of the film based on a Nicholas Sparks novel and the ending explained.

Let’s find out everything there is to know about The Choice – The Choice, a 2016 film that is also the eleventh adaptation of one of Nicholas Sparks’ novels. A sentimental drama that tells the story of two neighbors who fell in love at first sight.

The Choice – The Choice plot and cast

Travis Shaw is a Wilmington vet. He suddenly finds himself in love at first sight with Gabby Holland, his new neighbor who has just moved. She is a medical student, in a relationship with a colleague. When he goes away on an assignment, the two neighbors have the opportunity to spend a lot of time together. They will let themselves be overwhelmed by passion and romance, exchanging promises of life together.

Looking to the cast, the two leads Travis Shaw and Gabby Holland are played by Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer. Her boyfriend, Ryan McCarthy, has the face of Tom Welling. Maggie Grace (Stephanie Parker) and Tom Wilkinson (Dr. Shep) also join the group of actors and actresses involved.

The Choice – The Choice as it ends

Ryan’s assignment ends and, back home, he can’t wait to resume the relationship with Gabby where it left off. She is unsure of her feelings and tells Travis that their story wasn’t necessarily something serious. She accepts Ryan’s marriage proposal and prepares for a new life.

Meanwhile, Travis finds himself alone, with his girlfriend Monica who leaves him, knowing about him and Gabby. He loves her and tells him that he should fight to get her back if they really love each other. Travis goes to the hospital, only to discover that Gabby has left after breaking up with Ryan. He now knows everything and punches Travis, who then runs to the house of Gabby’s family to make her the proposal. After convincing her of her feelings, he receives a sweet yes.

The two marry and have two children over the years. They form a happy family. One evening, however, she awaits him for a romantic dinner, which Travis never shows up for a work emergency. She decides to go home but is involved in a car accident. She survives but is in a permanent coma. He is destroyed by her guilt and continues to visit her, talking about her. But he has to decide whether or not to pull the plug on her.

After a hurricane nearly destroyed their home, Travis finds Gabby’s harp. He goes to the island where the two had spent a night of love and builds a gazebo, hanging the object in his memory of her. The wind makes it rattle and Travis understands what happened. A real miracle. He runs to the hospital and finds his Gabby conscious. He takes her home and to catch up on that romantic dinner, they make one of her in the backyard, where she tells him she heard everything he said to her in a coma. The last scene sees them together with their children and dogs in the gazebo on the island, happy as ever.

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