The cinema releases of August 16

Who says Wednesday says cinema. Today we offer you our selection of films of the week, enough to guide you in the dark rooms.

1. Reality of Tina Satter

On June 3, 2017, the FBI arrives at Reality Winner, a 25-year-old young woman, employed by a subcontracted branch of the NSA as a linguist, played by Sydney Sweeney. Two agents then begin to interrogate her, but what do they suspect her of? There comedy-drama biography resumes the real dialogue that took place that day between the veteran of the United States Air Force and the FBI agents. The portrait of a complex woman rises as the tension rises crescendo. Who is Reality Winner and what is she hiding? The film inspired by real events and highly political takes you to the heart of a case of treason landmark of the Trump era.

2. Blue Beetle of Angel Manuel Soto

Blue Beetle is the fourteenth film in the DC Cinematic Universe. Jaime Reyes, an American teenager of Mexican origin, lives in El Paso, Texas. As he returns from university and seeks to enter the working world, he is unwittingly chosen by a ancient relic of an extraterrestrial biotechnology. This beetle-like creature will merge with him and make him his host. The teenager becomes Blue Beetle, a superhero with superhuman strength. His daily life changes when he inherits powers as powerful as they are unpredictable that he will have to learn to master.

3. The beast in the jungle of Patrick Chiha

The director offers an adaptation of the long eponymous short story by Henry James. For twenty-five years, in a huge night cluba man, John drags a woman May, to watch for a mysterious event. Waiting for “this thing”, time flies, from the 70s to the 2000s, disco is abandoned by techno, and the love story that binds the characters turns into an obsession. The long-awaited event will prove more tragic provided that.

4. Close eyes of Victor Erice

While shooting a movie, Julio Arenasone of the most adored Spanish actors suddenly disappears. The search turns up nothing, no body is found. The police conclude an accident. Twenty-two years later, a television channel decides to make a special broadcast on this unsolved case loan of mysteries. This drama was presented in the Cannes Première selection at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

5. The Aces of the Jungle 2 – Operation around the world of Laurent Bru, Yannick Moulin, Benoit Somville

Jungle Aces are back for a new rescue mission. The team ofsuper vigilante animals hunt down Henry the Beaver, a supervillain who spills pink foam that explodes on contact with water. And it is far from their jungle that they will have to venture in order to find an antidote before the rainy season begins and everything is devastated. Let’s go for a world tourthrough mountains, deserts and oceans!

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