The circus at the Cup of Nations of Africa. The referee finished the game in the 86th minute, restarted it, and then did the same within the 90th minute

An unusual situation occurred at the end of the Group F match of the African Nations Cup between Tunisia and Mali.

It was the first time for both teams in the Africa Cup of Nations 2021. At the beginning of the second half of Wednesday’s game, Ibrahim Koné took the lead with a penalty kick. However, it is not the goal or victory of the Malians that are the most discussed at the moment, however.

The main referee was Janny Sikazwe from Zambia and in the 86th minute (exactly 85:11) he whistled to end the match. The Tunisians, who still believed at least in equalization, immediately began to show their dissatisfaction with this turn of events.

As a result of the protests on the turf, there was a lot of confusion. At one point, the three judges were separated from the training staff and representatives of the Tunisian federation by law enforcement.

Sikazwe finally corrected his mistake by resuming the meeting. He ended it again before the 90th minute, however, using his whistle when the clock read exactly 89:47. Immediately after that, the angry Tunisian selector Mondher Kebaier jumped to the referee, letting him know that he had made a mistake once again.

Of course, it was not about the several seconds, but the lack of extra playing time. And it got a lot of it, because in the second half the coaches made nine substitutions, there was a penalty kick (Tunisia did not use it) and a red card.

To make it more fun, Malian El Bilal Touré saw the card in the very end after Sikazwe resumed the game and it caused a lot of controversy.


African Cup of Nations: Tunisian and Mali players summoned to finish the game 25 minutes after the final whistle

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