The classic did not disappoint. Although Resovia has nothing to regret

Both clubs brought in some superstars this summer. They both have big ambitions, they want to play for PlusLiga medals, but – at the moment – they are not able to meet the high expectations. Of course, we are talking about PGE Skra Bełchatów and Asseco Resovia Rzeszów, two brands that faced each other in the 8th round of PlusLiga. After two sets, all the cards were held by the inhabitants of Rzeszów. But that volleyball likes twists and turns – they were not the ones who emerged victorious from Monday’s clash.

The meeting of these bands was once considered the biggest hit in Poland. Over the years, a little has changed in this matter, because – above all – Resovia fell in the league hierarchy. It must be admitted, however, that fans of Skra Bełchatów cannot count the last seasons as fully successful as well. Loud transfers from their team (like Taylor Sander) did not always translate into great results.

What does it look like in the current competitions? Skra and Resovia had – before today’s match – exactly the same number of points on their account. That is twelve. This put them on the sixth and seventh place of the table, respectively. What absolutely could not please them. Because other teams, such as ZAKSA or Jastrzębie, but also incl. Project Warsaw, they were departing dangerously in the table.

The next defeat could therefore be very painful for both teams.

Guests rule?

The beginning of the match was tough. But over time, the individual disposition of the players made themselves known. After the first technical break, Resovia’s volleyball players built a small advantage and did not think to stop. It was enough to look at the attitude of their leaders. Klemen Cebulj scored four points in only the first set. Maciej Muzaj, on the other hand, was 100% effective in the attack. His counterpart in Skra’s team – Aleksandar Atanasijević – could not catch the wind in his sails.

It is true that we did not talk about any domination on the part of Asseco, but the hosts were not able to make up for the losses and lost the game 22:25. The biggest problem for the residents of Bełchatów was the fact that – despite the presence of Karol Kłos and Mateusz Bieńek – there was no block in their team at all. This picture of the game was repeated in the second set. The inhabitants of Rzeszów were accelerated, which motivated Slobodan Kovac to introduce Robert Täht to the dance floor, who replaced Dick Kooy.

The Estonian gave a good change, but not enough to change the picture of the game. At least one thing could be noted – at the score of 17:13 for Resovia, Muzaj made the first mistake. Then, in the end, the Bełchatów players had a chance to get close to their rivals by two points, but Milad Ebadipur spoiled the key attack. As a result, it soon became clear that the guests were only one game left to win.

The walls help though

However, a certain statistic could have worried the Resovia fans – the Bełchatów players four times, before today’s match, played a tie-break on their own court this season. It could therefore not be ruled out that they would manage to lead to the fifth party again. Especially that Skra’s volleyball players have actually entered a higher level. In the third set, their service functioned better, and the center started as well, as did Atanasijević – who finally began to resemble the once leading attacking globe. In this way, the hosts defended themselves. They won the set to seventeen. But they still had two steps to take.

And yes, it looked like they were ready to do so. The key moment in the fourth game was at 10:10. Then Taht showed up at the service. A moment passed and the team from Bełchatów was four points ahead. Which they did not squander anymore, despite the fact that a great change (two aces!) Was given by Nicolas Szerszeń, who changed the failing Sam Deroo in the Resovia team. There was a tie-break waiting for us. And in it we already had a point-for-point game. Until the last balls, when Atanasijević first recorded a successful attack (14:13), and then joined Karol Kłos, stopping at the Cebulj block.

Statuette for the MVP of the match? Of course, she had to fall into the hands of the Serb. He didn’t start the game well, but when he got to the high point he pulled Skje into a win. However, the facts are that after the current round of Bełchatów, they will still be in the sixth place in the table. They defended themselves against Resovia, but they are four points short of AZS Olsztyn and Projekt Warszawa (one match more). However, the season is long and everything has to be done. Maybe in Rzeszów they will slowly sound the alarm, but on the other hand – the schedule will be less kind than the last time for them. After the matches with ZAKSA, Jastrzębie, Warsaw and Skra, the time will come for slightly lower-ranked rivals.

PGE Skra Bełchatów – Asseco Resovia Rzeszów 3: 2 (22:25, 20:25, 25:17, 25:19, 15:13)


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