the closing of the deal favored by Real Madrid

TURINKostic at the finish. Rabiot to the Manchester United. L’Atletico Madrid proved that there is no time to waste and that the Juve, as it is, it is not enough to dream of the Scudetto. And then the club’s response is immediate and passes through the transfer market, with an activism that so much resembles the desire for an immediate relaunch, on several fronts. First of all, the purchases, which are more than ever necessary to raise the overall level of quality of the group and to respond to purely numerical needs, also due to the many accidents and farewells not compensated with new additions. But also the sales, to thin out the squad of those who are no longer part of the project and obtain resources / savings to then move in.

Juve-Atletico Madrid: Allegri's best and worst

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Juve-Atletico Madrid: Allegri’s best and worst

Kostic, shot in store

First move: Filip Kostic. Now we are there for the winger of theEintracht Frankfurt. Strengthened by the agreement already reached with the player in recent days, Juve is working on the details of the agreement with the German club. It was a Monday of continuous contacts between the companies, which continued yesterday evening with a meeting with the Serbian agent, Alessandro Luccito define the handshake with theEintracht. The confrontation continued for a long time, precisely to quickly close the deal, also because from today the German club, winner of the last one Europa Leagueyou will have to focus on European Super Cup scheduled tomorrow against real Madrid to Helsinki. Not only that: also the Juve he needs to accelerate, given the current emergency situation facing the bianconeri. The management is intent on bringing the player to Turin already in the next few hours, just to make it available to Merry for the match with the Sassuolo. The last problem to be solved is the distance of 3 million between supply and demand: the means to cancel it are the bonuses to be added to the fixed base of 15 million; around 18 million it should close. With Kostic, however, no problem: the agreement has been reached for days now: a three-year contract for 2.5 million plus bonuses per season. The finish line is one step away.

Allegri, total emergency: eight absent and two tactical solutions for Juve

Un, dos, tres, Morata: hat-trick and Atletico annihilate Juve

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Un, dos, tres, Morata: hat-trick and Atletico annihilate Juve

Juve, Rabiot to greetings

The hope of Juve is to cut it soon also for the sale of Rabiot. The farewell of the Frenchman could really materialize, after a “separated at home” start to the season, given that Adrien he did not participate in the US tour for personal reasons and relaxed with the Under 23s Manchester United on the horizon that he is serious and Juve would be happy to conclude the operation. The contacts between the clubs are in progress: the bianconeri aim to collect 20-25 million; the Red Devils initially offered around 13-15 million. By playing with the bonuses, the deal could be found around 18 million. The potential obstacle could be the understanding between the United and the player, considering that the mother-agent Veronique it’s a particularly hard nut to crack. In any case, the comparison is in full swing and continues and the intent is to arrive at a positive conclusion.

Juve, Rabiot close to Manchester United

Juve, party in Villar Perosa: Locatelli and Bonucci in goal, then the invasion of the fans

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Juve, party in Villar Perosa: Locatelli and Bonucci in goal, then the invasion of the fans

Paredes, Juve’s plan

Street Rabiotinside Paredes: here is the plan of the Juve, which could also double the grafts. In the event, however, the departure of Arthur towards Valencia. Here the story is still to be unlocked, because there is a distance between the companies on the share of the Brazilian’s hiring, which stands at 8 million between fixed and bonus. The Valencia he offered 2 million, Juve is aiming for 50%: there is work to be done. In the meantime, go ahead Paredes. With the Argentine there is already in the beginning of agreement, the one with the is missing Paris Saint Germain, which asks for 20 million for a definitive sale. At Continassa, on the other hand, they are aiming for a loan with the right of redemption. The Parisians, however, are pushing for Fabian Ruiz from the Naples and this graft would open the doors to Paredes.

Juve, Szczesny also ends up ko

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Juve, Szczesny also ends up ko

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