the coach Mancini does not call Zaniolo, controversy among the fans behind the scenes

“Spinazzola called me and told me he doesn’t feel great, he needs to work two weeks and I left him at home. I left the others at home because they are two games, I didn’t want to call a lot of them. Several good ones stayed at home, but I thought it was right as they are playing so many races ”. So the other day the national team coach Roberto Mancini justified the absence of many players of a certain level in the list of 29 called up for the next two matches of Nations Leaguebut that’s only half the truth.

Insigne not summoned for family reasons

Among those called up there are no European champions such as Insigne, who passed to Mls but also for him the reason is neither technical nor personal (“the doors are not closed for him, he had a serious problem family and for this reason he is not with us “) but also Calabria, Zaniolo, Zaccagni and for two of them the situation is different.

Zaniolo pays the chants against Lazio in the Conference party

Zaniolo And Zaccagni in fact I am out of the national team for disciplinary choice. The Romanist pays for the story of the post-victory choirs in Conference League while the Lazio man wanted to go home in June even if the doctors considered him recoverable.

For those unpleasant choruses Zaniolo he was also fined by the FIGC: 8,000 euros which were donated to charity and Mancini has not forgotten that episode. Hence the decision to leave Roma’s talent at home.

The fans on the web are divided on the choice to exclude Zaniolo

Comments on social media flock: “He does not call him because Mancini is simply in bad faith. On the other hand, the results are from him and Italy is preparing to play the world in Qatar as a great favorite “, or:” Oh well but he’s getting great results like this, let’s go to the world championship as favorites, keep it up mister! ” and again: “Then he should have left Tonali at home for the choirs during the Scudetto party, someone remind him”.

There are those who write: “You will understand … for useless games” and those who ironically: “The classic code alla carlona” and then :: “He does not summon him because he has now returned from a injury, It is true that in front of us we make people laugh but it is also true that it is not all this phenomenon ”.

Non-Romanists see it differently: “Oscar Bertone should have called him, not Roberto Mancini” and then: “But now Zaniolo is calling him Cagnotto for the national diving team, Tania’s father understood that as a diver, with Chiesa, I am better than his daughter, so come on he is always in the national team but in another sport “and finally:” Because he is a simulator, and by simulating he unleashes the worst violence of the public. Snack companion of Mourinho and Mancini, two others from Roma that the Disciplinary Rules should put out of Italian football ”.

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