The coach of the Polish volleyball team is already sure

– It is possible that the matter of choosing the coach of Polish volleyball players will explain itself – because there will be no choice. According to, the only real candidate for this position is Nikola Grbić. The others are crumbling – they have either marginal chances or much greater opportunities in the context of taking over other teams – wrote Jakub Balcerski, a journalist at at the end of December last year.

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The president of PZPS wanted a Pole for the coach of the Polish team! “I regret”

Tokyo Olympics Beach VolleyballThis is the end! The great Polish volleyball player will not play again. “One was missing”

Sebastian Świderski, president of the Polish Volleyball Federation planned the announcement of the new coach on January 12, when the federation board will meet. Gian Luca Pasini, journalist of “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, is now also informing that the staff will be taken over by Nikola Grbić.

– Although it has not been officially announced, it is certain that the Polish Volleyball Federation and Nikola Grbić have reached an agreement. He will be the new coach of the world champions team – wrote Pasini.

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Nikola Grbić, currently working at Sir Safety Perugia, is to sign a contract for the Olympic Games in Paris, which will take place in 2024. Grbić was number one on the list of Sebastian Świderski, president of the Polish Volleyball Federation. They both worked together in ZAKSA Kędierzyn-Koźle. This was not changed by the position of the president of Perugia, Gino Sirci, who did not want to allow Nikola Grbić to lead both Perugia and the Polish national team.

Grbić is one of the most famous and titled volleyball players of his generation. He was recognized as one of the best playmakers in the world. He won the Champions League twice. With the representation of Yugoslavia, he won the European Championship in 2001 and the Olympic Gold Medal in 2000 in Sydney.

European volleyball championship.  During the Poland - Finland match, Polish fans created a fantastic atmosphere in Ergo ArenaHistoric European Championship in Poland. Great news for volleyball fans

In his coaching career, Grbić led the Serbian team and Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędierzyn-Koźle. A year ago he won the Champions League with the Polish team.

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