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The commercial for an Argentine beer highlights all the coincidences between the 1986 victory and the Qatar 2022 final: not only Messi and Maradona, but also the Morocco “effect”

World cup fever rises in Argentina for the fifth final in the history of the Albiceleste. The last two lost: in Italia ’90 against West Germany (1-0) and in Brazil 2014 against Germany (1-0). But the Argentine people look to other precedents, indeed only one, to the triumph of Mexico ’86, again against West Germany. In the South American country, which is crazy about superstition, it is spinning the commercial of Quilmes, a company that produces beers: «For those who need coincidences, there are coincidences».

And there are so many parallels between Mexico ’86 and Qatar 2022. First of all, the timetable for the final in Doha on 18 December: twelve o’clock (now Argentina), the same as Mexico ’86. But throughout the rest of the spot the comparisons overflow without stopping. And they really make it clear how this expectation is lived in Argentina.

It goes from rain in the Christmas days preceding the two final acts of the World Cup, al Canada qualified in both editions, progressing to Robert’s only two trips to Argentina DeNiroprecisely in 1986 and in 2022. Until the failure to qualify in both World Cups Chile. In short, there is something for all tastes. Astrological theories are also brought into play, with «Jupiter which will be in Piscesas on the day of the 1986 final» o Pedro Aznarwhich asks two young singers to rewrite «Hablando a Tu Corazon», his famous hit with Charly García, released in the golden year of Mexico ’86.

Until to the observation that in ’86 the strongest player in the world played for Argentina. And now? Also. Thirty-six years ago there was Diego Armando Maradona, now Lionel Messi, who already in the summer of 2021 led his national team to conquer the Copa America.

«For those who need coincidences, there are coincidences. For those who need the team, there is the team”, you hear. And now another one has popped up, the very latest coincidence that is making the Argentine people dream. The Polish Szymon Marciniak will referee Argentina-France on Sunday at the Lusail stadium. For Argentines it is a sign of destiny: the Polish whistler, in fact, was born on January 7th (1981) like the Brazilian referee Romualdo Arpi Filho, class of 1939who in 1986 directed the final in Mexico City won by Selection.

In addition to three other statistics related to Poland, Brazil and Portugal. The Poles were eliminated in the round of 16 as in Mexico ’86. As well as the Seleçao, knocked out on penalties like 36 years ago. And the Portugal? At Mexico ’86 he was defeated in the group stage, and therefore eliminated, by Morocco. Three episodes also happened in Qatar 2022. Will all this be enough to stop France?

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