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Experience is a value, not a limit. There is no improvisation in any work. Years pass before a plumber becomes good at doing a plant. And a long time passes before a politician learns to do politics. The identity card is important. Giorgia Meloni knows that Ignazio La Russa is close to her. It will not be only by introducing young faces that our politics will come out of the swamp. Ideas and freshness are needed, of course. But memory and skills are also needed. I say this thinking of Bersani. The one who as a minister – among other things – introduced the so-called “probability” of minutes, that is, the possibility of going to a bank that offers us better rates. He will not have abolished poverty, as announced by the 5 Stars overlooking the balcony of Palazzo Chigi. But he put some money in his pocket. Seriously.

This year the nostalgia for normality is favored by the anticipated return of the two great regulators of national life: the Serie A championship and the electoral campaign. Two events that usually mark the arrival of autumn, started this time before mid-August. And that make us feel the inevitability of what Nietzsche called “the eternal return of the same”. It is a theory based on a cyclical conception of time, which therefore does not expect anything new from the future: “This life, as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live it once again is still countless times, and there there will never be anything new in it, but every pain and every pleasure and every thought and sigh, and every unspeakably small and big thing in your life must return to you, and all in the same sequence and succession. existence is overturned again and again and you with it, grain of dust! ”. Well, if applied to the more modest period of the last twenty years of our life, I would say it is very realistic. Look at the championship, for example. For twenty years only Juventus, Inter and Milan have won it, more or less in this proportion. As a sportsman I must admit that when Rome and Lazio, Cagliari and Verona, Fiorentina and Naples also won, the unforgivable mattered more. The same goes for the election campaign. It is all an extraordinary déjàvu. The flax tax, for example, was brought out for the first time by Berlusconi in 1994, the same as he proposed it a few weeks ago. But without explaining why in his four governments, which lasted a total of more than nine years, he never achieved it. Maybe because it is impossible? On the other hand Giorgia meloni guarantees us the naval blockade against immigrants that even Salvini when he was in government was able to attempt. And Enrico Letta relaunches the idea of ​​a patrimonial to give a dowry to eighteen-year-olds, which none of the many governments of the PD, including the one led personally by him in 2013, has ever dreamed of practicing. But they do it for us. To give us the eternal return of the same. To lull us back to the usual chores. And thus close the season of illusions: once again they will do nothing of what they promise.

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