The Commission was looking for a way to cut gas prices. Marek Suski tracked German threads

Apart from politicians, they also took part in the committee meeting on pay rises representatives of G.EN Gaz Energia and PGNiG. The commission has come together to find some solution to this pressing problem.

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Marek Suski checks Wikipedia

Marek Suski, who chaired the meeting, initially tried to direct the discussion about the ownership structure of G.EN Gaz Energia. Suski asked whether the company belonged to German local governments or whether it had capital ties with Gazprom. The PiS politician also asked local government officials who had sold the gas transmission network to a foreign company. In the process, he checked Wikipedia for the term of office of the commune head G.EN who had bought the gas network. The PiS politician returned to the subject of privatization and PO rule.


The mayor of Tarnowo Podgórne, Tadeusz Czajka, explained how G.EN Gaz Energia became the owner of the gas network in his commune. – It was the inhabitants who made up the first gas pipelines – said Czajka. The commune leased gas pipelines of a small Polish company established during the gasification of communes. It was she who made the transaction with G.EN Gaz Energia.

G.EN Gaz explains the increases with selling prices

G.EN Gaz Energia was represented by the board member Ireneusz Sawicki. The distributor’s representative emphasized that the price increase resulted from the purchase price of nitrogen-rich gas by the company from PGNiG.

– The situation we are dealing with is difficult for us and our 45,000 people. customers. We are talking about ensuring security, not ensuring profit – said Sawicki during the meeting.


Sawicki also said that G.EN Gaz Energia applied for a change in the tariff and taking into account the new purchase cost. The company buys gas from Polish sources and from the commodity exchange. The company representative emphasized that no new costs were added, and the price is only 50 percent. current market prices.

PGNiG on a market gas sales mechanism

PGNiG referred to the gas sale price. The sale of nitrogen-rich gas takes place in the market system.

– The fact whether the recipient uses gas that is physically supplied from the Polish field or is imported does not matter from the point of view of the valuation – explained the representative of PGNiG.


The price of gas is determined by reference to the market value determined in exchange transactions.

The minister believes that the fault lies solely with the private company

Maciej Małecki from the Ministry of State Assets criticized G.EN Gaz Energia for not having secured gas at a lower price, hoping that it would be possible to buy it cheaper in the event of a further drop in price during the warmer months.

Sawicki from G.EN Gaz Energia previously said that the company did not see such dangerous trends on the market.


– You require the state-owned company to bear the costs of the risky contracting policy of one of its clients – said Maciej Małecki.

A chance for a reduction in the amendment to the energy law

The secretary of state in MAP emphasized that the company G.EN Gaz Energia will be able to take advantage of the possibility of a new tariff setting with the Energy Regulatory Office. Małecki added that the law proposed by PiS gives gas sellers such a possibility.

Małecki is of the opinion that even in the case of gas from Polish fields, there is a price pressure caused by the international situation and the actions of Russia and Gazprom, which are to exert pressure on the West to launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline faster.

UOKiK sees no problem in the activities of PGNiG

Tomasz Chróstny, the president of UOKiK, explained that the analysis of the office shows that PGNiG does not conduct monopolistic practices in the sale of nitrogen-rich gas. In the course of the proceedings, the Office found that entrepreneurs are free to choose two settlement mechanisms.

– Even today, when gas prices have risen dramatically, no complaints have been received from entrepreneurs, not even from G. EN Gaz – said Chróstny.

After more than two hours of deliberation, it was not possible to establish anything except that the G. EN Gaz company will be able to use the mechanisms provided by gas suppliers, the amendment to the energy law.


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