The complete list of movies to be released on Amazon Prime Video in December 2022

Watching all the movies coming to Prime Video in December is dizzying. Obviously there is no shortage of Christmas films, the Italian Suddenly ChristmasEnglish Your Christmas or mine? and the American Something from Tiffany’s.

But in addition to Christmas gifts there is everything from horror to comedy, from drama to adventure and sentimental. And then there are the many non-exclusive titles arriving in the coming weeks… In short, we leave you with the complete list and spoiled for choice.

The list of TV series coming out in December 2022 on Prime Video

Movies and TV series due in December on Prime Video

Suddenly Christmas (film Exclusive) – release date 1 December

A family comedy with Diego Abatantuono. The film tells the story of Chiara, 8 years old, who every year can’t wait for Christmas to see her adored grandfather Lorenzo (Diego Abatantuono), owner of the delightful high mountain hotel that hosts the family celebrations. This year, however, Chiara’s parents, Alberta and Giacomo, have decided to get in the car under the hot sun of the week of August, for an off-season visit to Lorenzo, because they need him to give Chiara the bitter news: they are separating.

Perhaps, if he told her, the little girl would suffer less… Lorenzo, already in crisis because he risks having to sell his beloved hotel, accepts the thankless task of breaking the news to his granddaughter, but first he wants to give her one last happy Christmas… Mid-August! In the cast besides Diego Abatantuono, Violante Placido, Lodo Guenzi, Anna Galiena, Antonio Catania, Michele Foresta (aka Mago Forest), Nino Frassica, Gloria Guida with her return to the screens after years of absence, flanked by the very young protagonist Sara Ciocca . The film is directed by Francesco Patierno and produced by Notorious Pictures.

The trailer and things to know about Suddenly Christmas

Your Christmas Or Mine? (film Original) – release date December 2nd

Your Christmas Or Mine? follows the story of James (Asa Butterfield, Sex Education) and Hayley (Cora Kirk, Newcomers) who end up living Christmas in each other’s families and vice versa. After saying goodbye at a London train station, they both make the same crazy decision to change trains and surprise each other. Completely unaware that they have exchanged Christmases, Hayley finds herself in a huge mansion in a small village in the Gloucester countryside where Christmas does not exist, while James heads north to a small semi-detached house in Macclesfield and enters the hot and chaotic pandemonium that only a large family can generate at Christmas time. When the entire country is covered in the largest snowfall on record, our star-crossed lovers find themselves trapped in the most manic time of the year. Christmas traditions are turned upside down, secrets are revealed and family truths told with hilarious consequences. The couple will realize that there are many things they don’t know about each other.

The film is directed by Jim O’Hanlon (Catastrophe, Trying) with an all-star cast of British talent, including Alex Jennings (The Crown), Harriet Walter (Killing Eve), Daniel Mays (Fisherman’s Friends), David Bradley (Harry Potter), Angela Griffin (White lines), Natalie Gumede (titans), Lucien Laviscount (Emily in Paris) and Ram John Holder (Desmond’s).

Something from Tiffany’s (film Original) – release date 9 December

Nothing is like the magic and atmosphere of the holidays in New York, when the streets sparkle with lights, the windows are dazzling and a special box of Tiffany’s could change a person’s life. Or more people. Rachel and Gary (Zoey Deutch, Ray Nicholson) are a happy couple, but not quite ready to take the plunge. Ethan and Vanessa (Kendrick Smith Sampson, Shay Mitchell), the classic photo couple, are instead ready to make everything official. An exchange of gifts brings the two couples together and sets in motion a series of twists and turns and unexpected discoveries that will bring the four together to their destiny. Because love, like life, is full of surprises in this romantic holiday film.

Something from Tiffany’s is directed by Daryl Wein, written by Tamara Chestna, produced by Reese Witherspoon and Lauren Neustadter, starring Zoey Deutch, Kendrick Sampson, Ray Nicholson, Shay Mitchell, Leah Jeffries and Jojo T. Gibbs.

Hawa (film Original) – release date December 9th

Hawa (Sania Halifa) is a 15-year-old who lives alone with her seriously ill grandmother (Oumou Sangaré), and fears being transferred to another house by social services. When she learns that Michelle Obama is in Paris for three days, she Hawa has the crazy idea of ​​getting adopted by the world-famous celebrity, whom she admires more than anyone else in the world. The new French Original film is directed by director and screenwriter Maimouna Doucouré.

This Is The Year (film Exclusive) – release date December 15th

In a last-ditch effort to land the girl of his dreams, nerdy high schooler Josh and his best friends embark on a road trip to see their favorite band at the biggest music festival of the year. He will discover that true love can be found in even the most unexpected of places. This Is The Year, revisiting the comedies of the 80s in a contemporary key, addresses the problems of today’s teenagers, speaking their language and making inroads with a story with an authentic meaning.

Nanny (film Original) – release date December 16th

In this psychological horror, Aisha (Anna Diop), a woman who recently emigrated from Senegal, is hired to care for the daughter of a wealthy couple (Michelle Monaghan and Morgan Spector) living in New York. Haunted by the absence of her young son whom she left behind in Senegal, Aisha hopes her new job will offer her the chance to take him to the United States, but she becomes increasingly disturbed by the unstable home life of the family she works for. As the arrival of her child approaches, a violent presence begins to invade both her dreams and her reality, threatening the American Dream she is painstakingly trying to achieve.

Nanny is the haunting award-winning debut film from writer-director Nikyatu Jusu, starring Anna Diop (US), Michelle Monaghan (Mission: Impossible – Fallout), Sinqua Walls (American Soul), Morgan Spector (The Gilded Age), Rose Decker (Sea of ​​Easttown) and Leslie Uggams (Deadpool).

Light – Ignite your courage (Exclusive animated film) – release date December 27th

Since she was a child, Luce has had only one dream: to become a firefighter, like her father. Unfortunately, in 1932 New York, women are not allowed to practice this profession. When the city’s firefighters begin to disappear one by one following mysterious fires that raze Broadway theaters, Luce sees a golden opportunity: she disguises herself as Lucio, a clumsy young man, and together with Jin, the fastest narcoleptic taxi driver in Manhattan, and Ricardo, a big muscle man with a passion for quantum physics, put together a team of improvised firefighters bent on stopping the arsonist. For the first time Luce has to face danger but above all she must preserve her false identity, because her father is the head of this high-risk operation.

Wash me in the river (film Exclusive) – release date 28 December

Shelby John and Ruby Red are madly in love, but their story is marked by drug abuse. They decide to clean up and start a family, but the drug trafficking meshes are too tight and Ruby falls into temptation, pressed by her trusted drug dealer. Her dose is fatal to her. Destroyed and moved by an irrepressible desire for revenge, Shelby John is determined to exterminate those responsible for the death of his partner and finally break the chain of drug trafficking in the city. In the cast Jack Huston, Robert De Niro, John Malkovich, Willa Fitzgerald and Quavo. the film is directed by Randall Emmett.

Three Men and a Ghost (film Exclusive) – release date December 30th

Mimmo (Domenico Manfredi) is 50 years old and has an incurable obsession for game shows. When, resorting to very unorthodox ways, he manages to win an “all inclusive” weekend in a luxurious 18th century villa, he convinces his unsuspecting lifelong friends, Lello (Raffaele Ferrante) and Francesco (Francesco De Fraia), to accompany him . What none of the three can imagine, however, is that the villa is not at all the glitzy resort they expected, but a dark receptacle of tension and unexplained events stirred by the evil ghost of a little girl (Artemisia Levita) in search of revenge and bent on to torment the three very unlucky friends, making their vacation a real nightmare!

Wildcat (film Original) – release date December 30th

Wildcat follows the exciting and inspiring story of a young veteran on his journey to the Amazon. Once there, he meets a young woman who runs a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center, and his life finds new meaning when he is entrusted with the life of an orphaned ocelot cub. What was meant to be an escape from life turns out to be an unexpected journey of love, discovery and healing. Directed by Melissa Lesh and Trevor Beck Frost.

The other films coming out in December: first and second releases

Who Framed Santa Claus? – release date 5 December

The Christmas castle – release date 5 December

Dad’s girlfriend – release date 5 December

The other films released in December: the oldest titles

Fantozzi – release date 1 December

She – release date 1 December

Christmas dinner – release date 1 December

Christmas at the Cupiello house – release date 1 December

The Others – release date 1 December

Pride and Prejudice – release date 1 December

Fantastic beasts and where to find them – release date 1 December

If you love me – release date 2 December

Dancing for a dream – release date 4 December

Burn After Reading – Spy Proof – release date 4 December

Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission – release date 10 December

Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge – release date 10 December

The Tourist – release date 13 December

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – release date December 14th

The early bird catches the worm – release date 15 December

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – release date 15 December

The Chocolate Factory (2005) – release date 15 December

Shark – The first shark – release date 15 December

The Befana comes at night – release date 20 December

Lion – The Road Home – release date December 22nd

Tonya – release date 29 December

Into The Wild – Into the wild lands – release date 31 December

Cherish – release date 31 December

The Immortal – release date 31 December

The most beautiful day in the world – release date 31 December

Cetto is undoubtedly there – release date 31 December

Lupine the Third: Deathtrap – release date 31 December

Detective Conan: Episode One – The Great Detective Turned Small – release date 31 December

Lupine the Third vs Detective Conan: The Movie – release date 31 December

Once upon a time… Lupin – release date 31 December

Lupine the Third: The Prophecies of Nostradamus – release date 31 December

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