the complete restyling is underway

The Porte di Mestre shopping center will undergo a radical architectural and commercial redevelopment process, to relaunch it as a place for shopping, services and leisure. The works will begin in the second half of September, and will take place over a period of about 10 months, so as not to interfere with the current activities of the shopping center.

The restyling is divided into two macro phases. The already active construction site concerns the first floor. In that area we will intervene by modifying the layout and at the same time improving the aesthetics and functionality of the common areas. The works will continue with the reconstruction of floors, ceilings and bathrooms. The new portals will be of great impact and significance: above all the “Marghera” entrance will express an added value to the project, generating a welcoming and attractive space through the creation of a new terrace with a vertical garden and an area close to the window. .

The “food” area will also be revolutionized, with the opening of a large skylight on the roof, to facilitate the entry of natural light. In these months, a new space dedicated to children will also be created, with a custody service, to make the Center ever closer to the needs of customers.

At the same time, the commercial repositioning of the center proceeds. The aim is to consolidate the leadership role and attractiveness in a market made even more challenging not only by the entry of new competitors over the years, but also by the profound change in purchasing and consumption styles.

“The first steps of this project date back to January 2021 when, in collaboration with the owners, we began to outline a strategy to relaunch Porte di Mestre, with the aim of restoring value to the asset, from a structural point of view, architectural and functional, and at the same time improving its commercial performance. – explains Davide Natale of Cushman & Wakefield – The strategic concept was conceived and developed by the Shopping Center Project team. Based on the concept, an ideas competition was launched which involved some of the major architecture firms specializing in retail and active internationally ».

Giulia Longo of Colliers Global Investors Italy, who represents the property through the Antirion Retail real estate fund, explains that “for us Porte di Mestre is a strategic asset due to its functional mix, brand and territoriality, we are therefore convinced that it is right to invest in its future, improving it and updating it to increasingly experiential styles of consumption. Thanks to this intervention, we will have a building renovated according to the most modern standards, also thanks to the refurbishment of the galleries and the rethinking of the layout of the food court, the true heart of the shopping arcade ».

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