The continued anxiety for the future is hitting the psyche of the Italians hard

Italians are in a state of constant anxiety about the future. The reasons according to the experts are many.

Surely a strong motivation is the big one precarization of the labor market. Compared to decades ago, work is much more precarious today.


Even if for a long time the permanent job has been mistreated as if it were something boring, not very stimulating and not very profitable. the truth is that without economic and above all mental stability guaranteed by a certain income, man is exposed to a stress that over time it can become very strong.

Anxiety due to inflation and economic uncertainty

In fact, the human being needs to have some minimal forms of stability and without these certainties it is easy to fall into anxiety and depression.


The Italians in anxiety and depression in this period are really many. Statistics tell us that conditions like anxiety and depression or even phobias are constantly increasing. But it’s not just the precarious job market to make Italian families anxious. In fact, Italian families are also anxious about the continuation inflation. Life cost it increases a lot and unfortunately the Italians know they cannot count on any form of help. In fact, the Italian welfare state is light years away from that of other European countries that are always ready to support families that end up in trouble.

Continuous instability

Instead the Italian state does not offer any help to families who end up in difficulty and even it seems that with a new government the citizenship income will be cut. The emergency is not only economic but also psychological. In fact, it is in the interior of the individual that according to the experts the worst problems lurk. In fact, this continuous economic instability and this sense of precariousness is ending to wear out the Italians and make them more and more anxious and irritable.

Bonuses are of little use if there is no stable help

The Draghi government has deployed the psychologist bonus to deal with this but frankly, the psychologist bonus is practically useless because the Italians who will benefit from it are very few and the sessions that are guaranteed by the psychologist bonus are just over a dozen. The problem is that we live in an economic system that leaves the individual at the mercy of himself and offers him no form of certainty and guarantee and this in the long run is a real bomb not only from an economic point of view but also from that of mental health.

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