The contractor of the block in Jaworzno is on ice again. “A political game that is incomprehensible to us is underway”

Rafako’s decision to break the agreement with potential investors surprised the market. The management of the company specializing in energy investments wanted to find an investor. Willing people, however, was missing for a long time. It was only in October 2021 that Polimex Mostostal and PFR TFI made declarations of involvement in Rafako. These are companies indirectly controlled by the state treasury. It was at stake to complete the repair of the coal-fired unit at the Jaworzno Power Plant – one of the largest power generating units in our country, which has been facing a failure since June 2021.

In an official announcement, Rafako states that the reason for the withdrawal from the agreement is the impasse in the investor’s process. The president of the company, Radosław Domagalski-Łabędzki, revealed more details in an interview with Business Insider.

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