The Conversion of St. Augustine

Belated I loved you! For 30 years I have been separated from God. But then something moved in my heart… I was restless, someone looking for happiness, someone looking for the missing… But you took pity on me and everything changed. because you let me know you. I put my heart under your guidance and I succeeded. for you have made yourself my help.”.

The author of this text, one of the Church’s most beloved intercessors, is celebrated on August 28th this year. You can find out more about the life of the saint on his ‘Saints of the Day’ page here on his A12. Saint Augustine, Doctor of the Church, great philosopher, theologian, orator, mystic and poet.

read moreThe Grace Accomplished by Father Vitor: The Conversion of a Son-in-Law 10 Years of WYD, Conversion, Testimony and Faith Meetings in Rio de JaneiroWYD: San Luis Gonzaga, a case of youth conversionBut here we speak directly of the saint’s conversion process, through his mother Santa Monica’s constant prayer, his study of God’s Word, and his contact with St. Ambrose. A deep desolation for their sin and a mystical experience with our Lord.

Shift from Philosophy

in the book confessionFind out how Augustine was converted in one of his most widely read works. It was neither improvised from the beginning nor fully realizedYou can define the actual path instead of It remains a role model for each of us.

Augustine surrendered to the passions of the flesheven more so in terms of sexuality, such as drinking and living a bohemian life. He was still young and had a son named Adeodart And the social rules of the time prevented him from marrying the child’s mother. He tried to distance himself from the woman (because he was raised as a Christian), but he could not maintain his self-control. lived with her as a concubine.

Santa Monica has long prayed for the opening of Augustine’s heart and mind. and that he may have a true encounter with Christ In this way, we are reformed and turned again to the will of God.

The Lord began to work in the life of a young man, When Augustine began to read the book “Hortensius”an introduction to philosophy (a study of common and fundamental questions about our being)

“My mindset, my tastes, my feelings have changed. Suddenly everything seemed empty and useless, which I somehow could not explain. I have come to seek true wisdom with all my heart. “said the saint in an excerpt from the book.

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Influence of God’s Word

Augustine was a very talented young man, and as a teenager he was fascinated by the speeches of famous orators and wanted to delve deeper into rhetoric and rhetoric. In Milan, Italy, his reputation as a great public speaker led him to attend Mass at Santo Ambrose. In this way he was fascinated not only by the beauty of the bishop’s speech, but also by the message itself. The power of the gospel broke through the barriers that prevented him from seeing God.

touch of grace

Even before he was baptized, he walked through the garden in sorrow and loneliness. Something unexpected happened that took him by surprise. And, beyond all doubt, he finally reaches full conversion.

“I threw myself under the fig tree and let my tears go. Not the same word, but the same meaning, I have said many things to God, such as: “Lord, how long will it be?” Lord, how long will you be angry?

I don’t want to remember the bad deeds of the past! As I said this, I cried with heartfelt repentance in my heart when I suddenly heard a voice from the house next door.I don’t know if it was a boy or a girl, but I kept repeating it over and over while humming. Take it and read it, take it and read it.


Holding back tears, He got up and interpreted the voice as God’s command to open the Bible And his eyes fell on what St. Paul’s letter to the Romans said:

“Let us live honestly as in broad daylight. No orgies, no drunkenness, no impurity, no immorality, no quarrels, no envy. On the contrary, put on the Lord Jesus Christ and don’t give in to carnal concerns to satisfy your whims.”. (Rm 13, 13-14).

Then God gave him grace.

“I didn’t want to read any more, nor did I need to. As I reached the end of the sentence, a certain light of certainty entered my mind.Dispel all darkness of doubt. “ (Confessions, VIII, 12)

The conversion of St. Augustine, a restless and stubborn youth, If it weren’t for God and His infinite love, our situation might be what it is today.. Based on this testimony and the intercession of Doctor of the Church, May the desire to accept the truth always light in our hearts. Don’t miss your chance to meet God. Saint Augustine, pray for us!

Father Kaymad Reflects on the Conversion of St. Augustine

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