The coronavirus in Sweden: the antics of the Country

So far, the scandinavian country was one of the few in the world to have maintained a line of “soft” in the fact of restrictions designed to limit the spread of the virus. The growth in the number of infected and victims, however, does not stop, and for this reason the Swedish government now wants to impose stricter measures.

Many were surprised to see the pictures of the streets of Stockholm is still full of people, when the rest of Europe had imposed the lockdown due to the emergency coronavirus. One of Swedish most famous in all the world, Greta Thunbergit was in some way polemizzato with the authorities of his country, making it known to her followers that she and her father had had the symptoms characteristic of the Covid-19, but that had not been subjected to the pad.

The Sweden in fact it is one of the few countries in the world to have maintained a decidedly “soft” in fact containment measures to combat the coronavirus. If schools and universities were closed, the offices, the bars and restaurants are still open. The government, to guide the social-democratic, has so far only invited people over 70 to stay at home and all the other citizens to reduce the social interaction, respecting the indications of the World Health Organization (wash your hands often, avoid contact, stay at least one metre distance, and so on). In substance, it is entrusted to the sense of individual responsibility.

Now, however, the Swedish government seems to have changed his mind and is ready to take restrictive measures. Worry, in fact, the numbers in constant growth: according to the data of the Johns Hopkins University, in Sweden, the positive people confirm, are currently Position 7,206 and the dead 477. The major outbreak is in the capital, Stockholm, where in the last days the cases of infection have increased exponentially

The last week has been, therefore, submitted a proposal of the lawthat will have to be discussed in the Parliament these days. In more detail, the government asks for more margin of manoeuvre for the next three months to further restrict the large numbers of peopleclose the night clubs, gyms, bars and other meeting places and even reduce the circulation of buses, trains, ships and flights.

In short, it seems that the air in Sweden is changing. Already about ten days ago, ski resorts the country had made its own independent decisions to close facilities to avoid the risk of large numbers of people on the occasion of the upcoming easter holiday. In Stockholm, in order to reduce the pressure on hospitals, is setting up a field hospital inside of a trade fair complex. The same premier Stefan Löfvenin athe interview with the newspaper Dagens Nyheterhe admitted that “you have to prepare to count thousands of victims” and that in order not to overburden the health care system “is important at this time to have self-discipline”.

We seem to hear again the words spoken in the early stages of the epidemic by the american president Donald Trump and the british prime minister Boris Johnsonwho has contracted the virus and is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit. Underestimate the emergency coronavirus it has always proved a big mistake.

Source | Dagens Nyheter

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