The coronavirus pandemic. The Vatican tightens the restrictions. A mask is mandatory in confined spaces. Is a covid passport required?

The Vatican has tightened anti-pandemic laws and penalties for violating them. The obligation to wear FFP2 masks in all closed places was introduced. The requirement to have an Enhanced Sanitary Pass, issued only on the basis of COVID-19 vaccination or recovery, has also been extended.

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Only with the reinforced so-called The Green Pass for the vaccinated and cured you can enter the Vatican Museums and the mansion in Castel Gandolfo. The same obligation applies to participants in symposiums and conferences in Vatican offices.

Shortly after the new regulations entered into force in Italy due to another wave of infections and the spread of the Omikron variant, the Governorate of the Vatican City State also raised the level of restrictions and published a table of penalties. A fine from 25 to 160 euros is provided for violating the provisions on the prohibition of assembly in public places.

The penalty for not wearing a mask or wearing it improperly and not respecting social distancing is between € 25 and € 50; rises to € 160 if this is done in public places.

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The fine for violating the provisions on the obligation to isolate or quarantine amounts to EUR 1,500. All penalties are doubled if the rules are breached again.

Unvaccinated Vatican workers, who are noted to be few, have until the end of January to take their first dose. After this date, they will not be able to come to work, their presence will be considered unjustified and they will not be paid. Business trips were also suspended.

As emphasized, at will Pope Francis the provisions of the regulation apply to all staff of the Holy See and all Vatican offices.

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