The costs of the Fit for 55 are unbearable

I am counting on the awareness of the European elite regarding transformation; EU technocrats must understand that pushing through the climate package is a catastrophic mistake, says the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of State Assets, Jacek Sasin, to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

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In an interview with DGP, Sasin referred to a report prepared by experts from Bank Pekao SA, which shows what price Poland will have to pay for the Fit for 55 package.

This cost is shocking, it may even reach PLN 2.4 trillion by 2030. It is as much as PLN 900 billion more compared to the 40% emission reduction scenario. (Fit for 40)

Sasin said.

To illustrate this data even better, I will add that the total cost for each Polish citizen will be about PLN 64,000. zloty


Therefore, if the current increases in electricity prices, felt so much by Poles, cause a shock, what will happen in the coming years? After all, this cannot be calculated in any way. We are aware that rising energy prices are one of the costs of our membership in the European Union. But today the price is too high

—As the deputy prime minister assessed.

He admitted that Poland is facing a huge challenge related to the need to carry out a costly reconstruction of the Polish power industry.

Today our energy industry is based on coal in 70%. Meanwhile, the EU does not expect us to make some cosmetic changes, but a gigantic and extremely costly revolution. In my opinion, the cost of the climate package cannot be borne by Poles

—Evalued Sasin. He noted that the Pekao data “clearly shows that per family of four, the cost of decarbonisation in 2021-2030 will be approx. zloty”.

For this money, you can buy an apartment in a medium-sized city in Poland on the secondary market. These calculations make us verify the current position

-He admitted.

Brussels’ position must be verified “

When asked how these calculations could affect Poland’s negotiating strategy in the Fit for 55 case, Sasin replied: “There is no doubt that Brussels’ position must be verified.”

I would advise our partners in Brussels – less ideology, and more pragmatics and understanding of the postulates that we have been putting forward for a long time. EU technocrats need to understand that pushing through this climate package is a catastrophic mistake

– underlined the Deputy Prime Minister.

It will not be possible to carry it out at the cost of the society. Our government understands this. Now is the time to awaken the Brussels elite. We are aware that the necessary investment outlays are beyond the sole responsibility of companies, households and the state


Potential EU funds will only partially cover the costs of transformation, and let us remember that for the time being they are being blocked by Brussels

—Sasin noticed. In his opinion, “European technocrats are aware that the intensification of climate ambitions will hit poorer countries that do not have developed green technologies and have higher levels of CO2 emissions.”

Therefore, by implementing this policy, the richer countries of Western Europe will be in a privileged position. On the other hand, other countries, including Poland, will be exposed to a significant decline in competitiveness and impoverishment of societies. It has nothing to do with European values. I am counting on the awareness of the European elite

—He stressed.

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