The court rejected Britney Spears’s request. He remains under the tutelage of his father

For some time now, fans of the singer do not like the way she is treated by her father. Since 2008, James Spears has been the guardian of his daughter, after the singer had a nervous breakdown.

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For several years, the state Britney Spears gets better, and the person concerned does not want to stay under the care of her father anymore. The latest testimony was supposed to help her with this, but it turned out otherwise. In the United States, the #freeBritney movement, which wants to free the singer from custody, was created some time ago.

The court rejected Britney Spears’s request. He remains under the tutelage of his father

Shocking information came to light in the singer’s latest testimonies. Britney Spears’s father decides, among other things about with whom the star can make new acquaintances, and also decides about having children by her.

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“I want to be able to marry my boyfriend and have a child, but I was told I can’t. I have an intrauterine device which prevents me from having a baby. I want to go to the doctor and get her out so I can have a baby, but they won’t let me. I feel intimidated and lonely” – she said.

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Britney Spears

The fans and the singer hoped that the guardianship would finally be lifted after 13 years. However, this did not happen. As reported by the Daily Mail on Wednesday 30 June Judge Brenda Penny, presiding over Britney Spears before the Los Angeles Supreme Court, she signed a ruling that still gives the singer’s father control over her life.

The details of this decision and the reasons are not yet known, however, fans are convinced that the singer’s lawyer will file an appeal. We will keep you updated.

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