The COVID-19 vaccine for the flu? Bill Gates shared his predictions

Billionaire Bill Gates believes that the appearance of an even more contagious variant than Omikron is unlikely, but cautioned that the COVID-19 pandemic has surprised us more than once. In his opinion, Omikron will create a lot of resistance for at least the next year. According to Gates it is possible that for a while we will need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 every year, as we do with the flu.

When the wave of infections caused by the Omikron variant passes through a given country, then in the next part of the year we should observe much fewer cases of infections, so COVID-19 can be treated as seasonal flu – said Gates in an interview with Prof. Devi Sridhar, a public health specialist from the University of Edinburgh School of Medicine.


Bill Gates on what will help end the COVID-19 pandemic

In his opinion, to end the pandemic, we need such vaccines against COVID-19 that zprevent re-infection and protect against it for many years. In an interview on Twitter, the billionaire also spoke about the mistakes that countries made when trying to respond to the outbreak of the pandemic.

“Several countries, such as Australia, have taken swift action to identify infections on a large scale and isolate those infected. They have succeeded in drastically reducing the number of deaths. When the number of cases in a country becomes high, it is too late. So the first few months. made a huge difference – pointed out Gates.


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The businessman added that some countries have also coped better than others with restricting human movement, wearing masks and protecting the elderly. In his opinion however, we were not prepared for this pandemic – we have not practiced how to react in such a situation.

These are not the first words of Bill Gates, who warned against a dangerous pandemic many years ago. The businessman believes that we must draw conclusions from the current one so as not to be surprised in the future.


Gates: chips in vaccines? Why should I do this

In an interview with prof. Sridhar also commented on the false information that appeared after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, of which he was the main character. “People like you, me and Tony Fauci (Anthony Fauci – White House medical advisor – editor’s note) have become the heroes of a lot of false information. I did not expect that. Some of them, such as the fact that I chip people with vaccinesmake no sense – why would I do this? Gates wondered.


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