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When a new political entity is founded, it is essential to pursue a vision, to give the impression of having a strong ideal motivation. Silvio Berlusconi invented Forza Italia so as not to leave the country to the Communists and to give a voice to the moderates: of course, his televisions helped him in the enterprise, but his opponents, Achille Occhetto’s joyful war machine, had everything else: the newspapers, the judiciary, the academy and even the state TV, ie Rai. And despite everything he won. The hypothesis of the third pole also has its own ratio: the idea of ​​a new subject between the center-right, the left and the grillini can attract those who are not fascinated by the current offer. Except that the gestation of the operation was nothing short of catastrophic.

Carlo Calenda first swore and swore for months that he would not make any alliance with Renzi. Then he entered into an agreement with Enrico Letta and subsequently pulled back. Finally, he started an exhausting negotiation with the leader of Italia Viva on arguments with no appeal: who would be the boss; what would have been the subdivision of the colleges between the two parties; what the new symbol would be and where the old ones would go. Well, when pursuing an idea, similar issues should be trifles and, instead, the impression was given that they were prejudicial conditions. For example, everyone understood that if Calenda had not had the degrees of admiral he would not have attempted the adventure.

A liturgy that ended up mortifying the idea. A political process in which ego and personal ambitions have made the dream fail: more for the leader of Action than for that of Italia Viva, who from the beginning had accepted to take a step back. Above all, the doubt has crept in that the two have come together only out of a state of necessity: Calenda because, not having a symbol available, he would have risked not appearing in the elections; and, on the other side, Renzi, for fear of not having the necessary dowry to enter Parliament on his own. The state of necessity, however, does not make a virtue.
More than visionaries, therefore, the two have given the idea of ​​being two crafty ones. The crafty little party. More than the Knight they remembered Angelino Alfano. More than passion, they followed the pragmatism of “good or bad”. Of course, in politics concreteness is important, dreamers have no citizenship or do not last long. But at the beginning of a new experience, vision, intuition, dedication are the real fuel. So the third pole has taken off, but if the pilots do not change habits, behaviors and characters soon, it risks falling at the first disturbance.

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