The creators of Gotham Knights are working in parallel on another DC Comics project

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November 21, 2021, 10:13

The Gotham Knights studio, WB Games Montreal, has been working in parallel on another game from the DC Comics universe for several years. A lot of people are betting that it will be a production with Superman.

WB Games Montreal is slowly finishing work on Gotham Knights. Now It was reported that this famous Batman: Arkham Origins the team simultaneously creates another project. What’s more, according to this information, its production is expected to start at least from 2019.

James Sigfield Geeks WorldWide will spot a mention of the game in the LinkedIn profiles of two former employees of WB Games Montreal. According to the information contained therein, work on the project started in September 2019 or earlier. What’s more, it’s probably not a scrapped position as its production is still going on in the middle of last year, when the developers left the team.


Nothing is known about this unannounced game. WB Games Montreal, however, is a studio focused on productions set in the DC universe. A lot of people are betting that it will be a project with Superman in the lead role. Others pick Teen Titans as heroes.

It is worth mentioning that e according to James Sigfield we do not count on the continuation of the brand Arkham from this team. With the launch of Gotham Knights, WB Games Montreal will be launching its own DC mini-universe, and the studio’s next game will most likely be set in that very world. These developers formerly worked on the Arkham Knight sequel, but it was canceled many years ago.

You want to come back to Batman: Arkham Origins? You must do it with mods.

WB Games Montreal has no plans to return to Arkhamverse. Thus, Batman: Arkham Origins will remain the studio’s only entry from this world. It is worth remembering this production, especially that of all the games with the Dark Knight this is the closest to the upcoming film The Batmanso returning to it may make the waiting for the premiere of the cinema more pleasant.

If you decide to reinstall your PC Batman: Arkham Origins, we recommend using three mods:

  1. Change FOV on the fly In-Game – a project that allows you to change the field of view settings in the game, which allows you to get rid of the claustrophobic perspective typical of this production.
  2. Arkham Origins Community Patch is an unofficial fan patch that restores online multiplayer, fixes bugs and adds new content.
  3. Knightfall DLC for PC – a project that adds elements to the PC version that were previously only available in a DLC exclusive to PlayStation 3.

It should be added that this does not mean the end of Arkhamverse. This world is set for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, developed by Rocksteady studio, the creators of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight.

Let us recall that e Gotham Knights is going to PC and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. The premiere is scheduled for next year.

  1. Gotham Knights official website

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