The creators of Guitar Hero and Rock Band hit the trap of Epic Games. Harmonix is ​​working on Fortnite

The studio responsible for such series as Guitar Hero and Rock Band is no longer an independent company. Epic Games bought an experienced and well-known studio that was delegated to create music for Fortnite.

Epic Games is expanding its internal structures and has taken over into its Harmonix family. The band has been developing games such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Central and FUSER over the past 26 years, but now the creators will only be an addition to the great catalog of teams responsible for Fortnite development.

The creators confirm that the acquisition does not change their plans for DLC for Rock Banda and that new songs will be released next year. Developers will also develop FUSER, and all previously released games will be on Steam and consoles.

Harmonix, however, has a new task … It will develop Fortnite:

“What will the Harmonix team be working on next?

Our team will be working with Epic to create musical journeys and gameplay for Fortnite. We can’t reveal any details yet, but the entire team is incredibly excited to get started. Stay tuned for more information! “

It’s hard to say what the “musical journey” really will be, but we can safely suspect that Epic Games is developing a new event that will allow us to listen to a few pleasant songs.


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