‘the Cremaschi know that giving is important’

“The Cremaschi are good donors, even if they must be stimulated”. The secret is always the same: “you have to make them feel important, you have to know how to retain them”. After all, the act of donating blood can make a difference. It can save a life. “Blood is important”. Pietro Valcarenghi, secretary of the local Avis section, proudly wears the association’s T-shirt. “I am past the maximum age to donate, but I have been part of Avis for many years.” A pillar for the section based in via Monte di Pietà. Next to him, the president Roberto Redondi passes the data in review: “to date we have 1724 active donors, of which 1085 males and 639 females. As a first approach, women are more predisposed to giving, they are more generous, but then physiological or personal factors intervene that make them give up ”. The first principle to be respected in the donation process is the protection of the donor’s health to preserve thus the health of the recipient. “After completing an application form, the prospective donor is contacted for examinations and the eligibility visit at the blood transfusion center of the Asst of Crema. If successful, after 45 days, you can make the first donation “. As a rule, it is possible to donate once every three months.

Solidarity Cremaschi

The active donors from Cremona are mostly middle-aged: 429 are placed in the age group from 46 to 55 years. Fewer are those between 36 and 45 years (426) and between 26 and 35 years (408). 211 are under 25 and 250 are over 55. “The Cremaschi have always been available, even in the period of the health emergency”. Indeed, “when in March 2020 the possibility was given to donate only plasma, even those who usually did not usually make this donation made themselves available. We have noticed that when catastrophic events occur for the entire community there is a greater supportive impulse“. In contrast to what happened at national level, therefore in Crema there was no blood emergency in the pandemic period: “suffice itsare that in 2021 we had 180 new donors and an average of 2.5 donations per donor. Higher than the national average that counts 1.6 donations per donor per year“. The trend is also confirmed in 2022: “to date there are 106 new donors”.

Donating is important

Not even the heat of the summer months makes you give up. “We note a certain constancy in the donation, perhaps because we are also able to maintain an ongoing relationship with our donors, thus allowing them to undergo periodic health checks”. Despite this, “we have long been adhering to Avis’s regional campaigns for encourage donations also in the summer months, before and after the holidays “. Because? Because, if it were still not clear, “giving is important”. For oneself and for others. “The donor must follow a correct lifestyle, in the name of well-being”. The same that Avis is promoting, also in this month of August, in collaboration with Kinesis Agorà, through weekly meetings aimed at the community. “We propose a path of well-being. Through different methods and with the help of background music we will try to recover the balance between body and mind ”explains the teacher Eleonora Ardia.

Appointments with wellness

The initiative has already started, “but it is possible to join every single session”. The remaining meetings will be held at the Chiappa park at 20.30 on the evenings of Tuesday 16, Thursday 25 and Tuesday 30 August. “The path is a journey to discover some elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Any occasion is good for go back to sharing and feeling good about yourself“. The first meetings “have obtained a very good response from the public, we hope this collaboration with Avis will continue in the next few years”. Free admission. Bring a yoga mat and comfortable clothing. For children aged 4 to 11 there is a dedicated area where they will play yoga games together with a professional teacher. To register write an email to [email protected] specifying the participant’s name, surname and telephone contact.

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