The crisis is an understatement. Anwil extended the fatal GTK series!

An hour and a half was taken by a basketball lesson that Anwil Włocławek gave the GTK Gliwice team. The favorite won 95:71, and the rivals, even after the changes, are completely colorless.

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Kamil Łączyński (L) and Jonah Mathews (C) and Daniel Gołębiowski

PAP / Tytus Żmijewski / In the photo: Kamil Łączyński (L) and Jonah Mathews (C) and Daniel Gołębiowski

GTK has never managed to beat Anwil since it appeared in the Energa Basket League, and this time it did not even manage to “drive up” to this rival.

The Gliwice players lost for the sixth time in a row, and for the fifth time by at least 20 points! It is hard to find anything positive in this band’s performance.

Anwil must therefore have done his job. It is true that it started gradually, but when it got into its proper turn in the second quarter, it drove away the rival at an express pace.

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As Jonah Mathews and Kamil Łączyński had 0/11 behind the bow, Anwil moved the game under the hoops, and GTK did not exist there. The inhabitants of Włocławek won the fight on the boards 45:25 and scored as many as 50 “eyes” from the “painted” ones! The guests played without the sick Damonte Dodd, but it is hard to imagine that he could react to this situation in any way diametrically.

The inhabitants of Włocławek scored freely, and seven players recorded double-digit achievements on their account. One of them was Marcin Woroniecki, another was debuting Ziga Dimec.

GTK has lost their tenth game of the season. Looking for positives with a thick magnifying glass, it is necessary to mention the return to the game – after almost a year’s break – Kacper Radwański. The captain of the Silesian team showed what he is famous for, i.e. great energy. He also added 3/3 from behind the bow.

Josh Fortune, who is to help open up the game around the perimeter, said hello to GTK and EBL 11 “stitches”. The leader failed again – Jabarie Hinds had 3/11 of the game. The team of Robert Witka does not look like and further changes are inevitable.

Anwil Włocławek – GTK Gliwice 95:71 (21:17, 30:15, 27:18, 17:21)

Anwil: Jonah Mathews 19, Marcin Woroniecki 13, Luke Petrasek 13, Szymon Szewczyk 12, Alex Olesiński 11, James Bell 10, Ziga Dimec 10, Maciej Bojanowski 5, Rafał Komenda 2, Kamil Łączyński 0 (10 as), Szymon Gallus 0.

GTK: Filip Put 14, Josh Fortune 11, Roberts Stumbris 10, Kacper Radwański 9, Jabarie Hinds 8, Adam Ramstedt 7, Aleksander Wiśniewski 5, Daniel Gołębiowski 4, Matthew Williams 3, Aleksander Busz 0.

Energa Basket Liga 2021/2022

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