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An abrupt return to the past “, an hour of” empty rhetoric “without” a word on the liberation struggle and the Resistance. “Pd and Cinque Stelle, on the day of trust in the Meloni government, attack the premier and the model head on of Italy that emerges from his speech. If Enrico Letta on the one hand promises that the dem will be “inflexible guardians” of the Constitution and on the other opens the possibility of making choices together on Ukraine, Giuseppe Conte announces “an implacable opposition” . “He attacked the most destitute by proposing the abolition of citizenship income”, the Verdi-SI alliance increases. While the third pole uses softer tones and in particular Iv, for the voice of the coordinator Ettore Rosato, assigns a six (the sufficiency) to the words spoken by the Prime Minister. But it is on the Covid commission of inquiry – Matteo Renzi’s workhorse – that a potential axis is created with the majority. Meloni, in fact, asks to “clarify what happened during before the management of the pandemic crisis “, words that conceal the intention to give life to a commission of inquiry on the management of Covid and which are welcomed by the enthusiastic applause of Action-IV. “Excellent news – commented in record time the leader of the group in the Senate Raffaella Paita -. We will not miss our contribution to the government on this point”.

The president of the group also takes the opportunity to attack the leader of the M5s: “Finally, light must be shed on the mission of the Russian doctors who have entered our hospitals under the Conte government”. It is no mystery that the third pole, after having remained dry-mouthed on the vice presidencies and the court commissioners, points to the commissions, and that on Covid, at this point, could be an option. The frictions between the minority forces also emerge from the words of the head of the local authorities of the Democratic Party, Francesco Boccia: “Whoever has broken the broad field between progressives and democrats should feel the political responsibility on their skin.” Rosato, on the other hand, takes it out on the dem, bringing up the secretary defined as “the real great sponsor of this government, the only one capable of destroying any hypothesis of a coalition with anyone”. Carlo Calenda appreciates the “part on women” of the speech by the head of the government, together with the position expressed on income and international positioning, but then comments: “The rest is crap. There is a real risk of floating”.

The M5s rejects the criticisms on citizenship income to the sender: “I would not like this right-wing government to go back to saying that when things don’t go it is the fault of the last ones”, Riccardo Ricciardi first intervenes. Giuseppe Conte accuses Meloni of not having spoken of “peace” in the context of the Moscow-Kiev conflict and provokes it: “Isn’t it that in the end Draghi wants to write the agenda?”. On the other hand, Enrico Letta starts from a completely different assumption, claiming support for the Draghi government, “which did well”. On Covid, he says he is proud of the work of former minister Roberto Speranza and comments on the anniversary of the March on Rome: “A year before the March on Rome, in July 1921, there was an attempt to march on Sarzana , which was blocked by two people, the captain of the carabinieri and the mayor, who did their duty. In their memory and following their example, do your duty as a government and we will do it as an opposition “.

“I want to congratulate Giorgia Meloni on her appointment as Prime Minister. Italy is a founding member, gives strong support to the Atlantic pact, so I welcome Meloni’s clear adhesion to the pact and the message that arrives by the government on the line of aid to Ukraine “in order to defend itself. “I’m looking forward to cooperating”. She said it on NATO secretary general, Jens Stoltenbergin an interview with Tg3.

“The intervention of the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is appreciable and significant. It is important for the country to find itself united and in agreement in the historical judgment of condemnation of the fascist ideology. Thus, the commitment against anti-Semitism which is dangerously growing and on which it is necessary to keep a high level of vigilance is very timely and relevant “, the president of the Jewish community of Rome told ANSA, Ruth Dureghello.

“The Italian model has always put the protection of the right to health and the centrality of scientific evidence at the center – this is the hot reply of the former Minister of Health Roberto Speranza to Meloni’s speech in the passage that concerned the pandemic and the model defined as ‘restrictive’ against Covid -. You are sorry that Meloni has not yet left the electoral campaign. Not a word about the vaccines that were the key factor in ending the toughest phase. Are you still afraid of displeasing the no vax who voted for you? “.

The CGIL asks the new government to open discussions on essential issues such as a tax reform that increases the net payroll of employees and the income of retirees, but also addresses the issue of precariousness. The general secretary of the CGIL said, Maurizio Landini in an interview with Rainews24, underlining that Giorgia Meloni’s speech to the Chamber was consistent with what was said during the election campaign. “I have not heard about the taxation of extra-profits – she said – of intervention on bills, of a real tax reform that increases the net payroll.

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